See Kelly Walter model the Sumo Surf Swing look in the August 1999 One-legged Sandpiper

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Cover Picture, November 5, 2000

Cover Picture, December 19, 2000

Cover Picture, February 5, 2000

Cover Picture, January 1, 2002

Cover Picture, July 9, 2002

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Pictures Of The Day, August 22, 2000

Pictures Of The Day, September 1, 2000

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Pictures Of The Day, October 28, 2000

Pictures Of The Day, October 28, 2000
Which way is Ipanema?
Kelly in her natural environment - Ocean Beach, New Jersey. Doin the Dead Cat Swing

Pictures Of Kelly Jean Walter
The Photographer Is Photographed

Since you can't swing a dead cat in Ocean Beach without hitting Kelly, it seems appropriate that the photographer is photographed. Here's a small collection of photos that have appeared in the Sandpiper over the past few years.

Cover Pictures

Cover Picture, July 8, 2000

Cover Picture, August 3, 2000

Cover Picture, August 24, 2000

Cover Picture, August 30, 2000

Cover Picture, September 3, 2000

Cover Picture, September 9, 2000

Cover Picture, July 1, 2001

Cover Picture, August 21, 2002

Cover Picture, September 23, 2002
Am I Blue?

Bottom Paint And Elbow Grease

Seems like there's always something to do, and always someone willing to do it. That someone is usually Kelly. On land, sea and air. On paper , computer or clay, Kelly is a jack of all trades... And master of most. Here is just a few of her recent projects... Always good Sandpiper material.

Land, Sea And Air

Cleaning Out The Lifeguard Box - Land

Reviving The Mutineer - Sea

Building The Spirit Of St. Louis - Air

Bat The Cat Photos - Photography

Building a Hooverville Shack from the Depression