October 29, 1999


The start of a mellow sunset, October 29, 1999 (My brother's birthday).
The gull on the piling seems oblivious to the proceedings. The weather has been extremely mild for October, and due to the lack of clouds, the sunsets are not very dramatic.



Looking south, we can see a few clouds rolling in from the southeast, over the ocean. Not very threatening at all.
Someone getting in some late season boating. Seems like it's too early to head in just yet. I think I'd stay out to finish the sunset.



Yep... Seems like a good idea to stay out for a few more minutes.
A little more red showing as the sun gets lower. The seagulls seem to make more noise if the sunset is very red.



Breaking through the clouds for a last hurrah. Could the swans have timed it any better?
Two minutes to go.



Almost touching the trees in Toms River.
Sitting on the horizon.



Disappearing quickly. Time to head back to the house and see about dinner. Friday night's the big meal to start the weekend.

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