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A trip to Stonington Connecticut to escape the heat.

Rolls Royce

You can always count on something interesting in Stonington, like following this early twenties or late teens vintage Rolls Royce into town.

A view of the Harbor from the park at the end of the peninsula. Looking south you can see Fishers Island, looking east; Watch Hill Rhode Island and Napatree Point.

Stonington harbor

Looking East

Looking east towards the breakwater.

The rocks around the shore of the park are great hiding places for crabs and lobsters.That's Fishers Island in the distance.

Rocky shore

Lighthouse museum

The old Stonington lighthouse, now a museum, overlooking the park. The light must have been visible for miles because of how far out on the point it was, with no obstructions on three sides.

Walking around town is like an architectural history lesson. Like the restored Mystic Seaport village that is still occupied.

Old house

Scale coastal steamer

One of the best atractions in town is the scale model of Old Stonington in the attick of a gallery on Main street. This is a model of a small coastal steamer, much like the Nobska.

The level of detail is very good in places. THe whole setup is very museum like.

Behind the glass

Loading freight

Loading freight on a small steamer prior to sailing.

This is an HO scale section of the display. This area has the least amount of detail but seems to be undergoing gradual detailing.

HO Scale

Giant Lobster

Did ya notice the giant lobster?.

Ya can't help but love a tugboat. They haven't changed much in over a hundred years. Remember the Tugboat links in a past issue?

Steam Tug

Large Steamer

This large passenger steamer resembles ships of the Fall River Line, Operating out of what is now Battleship Cove in Fall River Massachusetts. They offered very luxurious accomadations for day and overnight trips.

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Employment Related Sites

Product Related Sites

Grainger Pottery Ceramic sea creature. Key in a UPC and get product information.

Nautical/Boating Related Sites

Wooden Canoe Haritage Association

Mitch Lapointe's Classic Boat & Motor

Antique And Classic Boat Society

American Boat Listing, Big database of boats for sale.

Royal Yacht Charter Get the check book ready!

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A few new developments at Eastside in the past few weeks. The ValuPage system has been added to the Catalina checkout coupon system. Most of you are probably familiar with the red and white Catalina coupons printed on a small check-stand mounted printer when you pay for groceries. The ValuPage system will allow you to print out your own "ValuPage" at home that contains scanning coupons for items you purchased. You will be awarded "Web Bucks" in amounts specified on your ValuPage. These "Web Bucks" will print on the check-stand printer at checkout time, and can be redeemed for the purchase of anything in the store on your next visit.

Check out and print out your own ValuPage.


Eastside Marketplace is combining forces with Sophisticated Traveler, 285 Governor Street, Providence, RI. The "Traveler" will be using one of the Internet Cafe computer to provide online travel services from 9 to 5, and an interactive internet based training program for those intersted in becoming travel agents. Learn online, at your own pace with a system from Come in, shop, have lunch, and book your next trip to anywhere in the world over coffee and dessert.

Prepared Foods And Catering

The kitchen will benefit from the installation of Master Cook version, from Sierra online. The system allows the creation of scalable recipes, and can calculate nutrition information based on ingredients and serving size. Look for nutrition information in future Danger Kitchen recipes. Now there's a scary thought.

Internet Grocery Coupons And Advertising

Read an article about internet based grocery advertising and marketing by the NCSA, and learn the basics of couponing from

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Mysterious ruins discovered on a deserted stretch of beach.

View from inside

What looked like a wreck on a distant rise on a deseted stretch of beach turned out to be a massive ruin of some sort. The views from inside give one a sense of isolation and foreboding.

The structure commands the beach front with a clear view to the North, South and East over the ocean. The massive scale of the structure would seem to indicate is was used as a fort, or possibly an abandoned hunting or whaling camp. Violent storms or ruthless enemies could attack at any minute. Southeast view from inside

Graveyard or garden?

Looking to the Northeast, a short distance away, there appears to be a separate yet related area just outside the main compound. It might have been a garden, remains of an orchard or small grove of trees. It might be a graveyard where the casualties are buried. It would seem likely that not one of the builders or residents died of old age in this environment.

This pole may have been used to hang fish or game to dry or bleed out. The builders must have travelled a great distance to get here. No similar structures are to be found anywhere near by. They probably stayed for weeks or months at a time. They may have never left. Hanging the catch to dry

Weapon? Sign of conflict?

This device could only be a weapon, dismantled by the retreating builders, or destroyed by a conquering foe. It's days of hurling projectiles are long over.

The structure was more then just a walled compound. There are remains of numerous weather tight shelters within the walls. These could be for different family groups, or special funtions such as food storage, and communal sleeping quarters. The builders may have lived here year round, or simply needed shelter from the vicious storms that lashed the coast more frequently in years past. Shelter


With it's Stonehenge quality, one wonders how the builders were able to construct such a massive edifice with the primative tools available at such a remote location. Where did the materials come from? Salvaged from ship wrecks perhaps. No timber grows on the island now. Nothing this massive anyway. This shelter is remarkably intact considering it's age and the destructive winter storms it's weathered for untold ages. .

Maybe the builders themselves were shipwrecked here. They built this shelter with the wreckage of their own ship, hoping to survive until they were rescued. How long did they survive here? Shipwreck timbers?

Keel & floors?

This section looks very much like part of a wrecked ship. A length of keel and floor frames seem evident here. Could the wreckage been deposited this far up the beach in a storm and the compound built on the spot? How could anyone survive a storm of that magnitude to build this? Too many unanswered questions.

The remains of what seem to be fortified entrances seem to point towards a fort as the original function. Must be a fort

From a distance

Walking away and looking back, fort seems the most likely original function of this structure.

The fort-like qualities are more apparent from above. From above

Stand up straight

Standing up straight reveals footprints in the sand around the structure.

Built with storm fence and other flotsam, the stick fort did last undisturbed for days on the beach just above the high water mark. I finally had to take some pictures of it before someone trashed it. Maybe the builder(s) will see their handywork online someday. Stick fort

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Stodge Meadow Pond

A view of Stodge Meadow Pond in Ashburnham Massachusetts.

The "camp", overlooking the lake. The camp

The kitchen

The kitchen, complete with wood stove and all the modern conveniences.

The front porch is the best. It covers the entire front of the house, with a great view of the lake. One could spend rainy days here reading or playing Monopoly without any trouble. Front Porch

Front Porch

The front porch, looking towards the door.

A view of the beach on the "pond". Beach

Dock on the left

A closer view of the beach with the dock on the left.

For all it's charm, the sunsets there can't match the sunsets at the cottage at Alexander Lake. Alexander Lake

Front View

Now off to another house and another state. This is a view of the front of Todd & Julie's house in Tivoli NY.

Walking around the porch towards the entrance to the library. The bushes will come out soon. Porch

Side of kitchen

This is the same side of the house towards the rear, looking at the outside wall of the kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

The back of the house looking at the rear wall of the kitchen. Looking at the original layout of the house, it's possible that the room over the kitchen was servants quarters with stairs that used to reach the first floor where the downstairs bathroom is. Back of kitchen

Kitchen entrance

Continuing our outside tour we arrive at the outside entrance to the kitchen and cellar.

This is the outside wall of the dining room, as we move towards the front of the house again. Dining room

North Side

Looking back at the North wall from the front yard. The dining room and living room both have windows on the North Wall.

A very nice old one car garage. Reminds me of my Grandfather's garage in Woodbridge NJ. Needs a roof but seems to be in good shape otherwise. Garage


The "bahn". Seems to have been built when the house was built. As sturdy as one would hope. Needs a little attention.

The front door is one of the top three features. A little urethane and it'll be just fine. I'd hate to have to reproduce this. Front Door

Entrance Hall

The blue glass in the windows over the front doors is an interesting feature. At least on pane of the glass seems to be original.

The base of the railing seems to be a standard production piece for that period. The same as the Clive street Metuchen house. Nice work. Nice wood. Base Of Stairs

Curved stairs

The stairs and railing curve gracefully back in the other direction at the top. The stairwell seems to have been modified to create a closet in the front bedroom on the second floor.

A plaster casting at the base of an arch in the living room. Nice detail. Not a scary face. Better then a cherub. I'd make the eyes light up with red LEDs and smoke come out of the nose. Plaster casting


A nice, but non-functional fireplace. Needs one of those lighted fake logs don't ya think?.

All of the rooms at the top of the stairs have transom windows. I like transom windows. These are not original, but make a nice addition. Moon light

Library Floor

The hardwood floor in the library. Nice details, good condition.

The victims. No... it's the flash reflecting off of the sheet rock dust. The victims

Temporary shop

A temporary shop set up in the future library. The only thing missing is a Cold Care Center.

Daryl... a painter... and so much more. Daryl

$1500.00 down, $80.00 or so per month, with rental income potential to offset expenses. Only 7 more people needed. One of them is you.

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