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Monday, May 10, 1999
Sunday, May 23, 1999

Number Twenty-Five

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It May Oar May Knot Get Warm

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Sandpiper multi-page format, Comments?

Eastside Marketplace adds an on-line travel agency to the Internet Cafe.

TK still hunting at her age, brings down two Chipmunks, quite proud of herself.

Retaining wall retaining once again.

Pond Site chosen, information gathered, plans underway.

Bell tower vent open, summer is here.

Polaroid releases the PDC-640. A camera upgrade? Better pictures? Maybe.

Temperatures in the shop break sixty degrees without heat, here we go.

First rain falls in weeks.

A history of Ocean County, part five, in this issue.

HTML lessons over for now, enter the Web Page Contest and show off your new skills.

Pipers online.

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N.J. Or Bust, Whatever That Means
20 Issues And Counting
Knee Deep And WAY Behind
Calidris Alba?
Landscaping And Wisdom Teeth
It May Oar May Knot Get Warm

Here's The Church. Part Five in this issue. Lots of important dates.

Travel and Geography department ready for contributions.

Coming Soon.

Special Features (When ya don't know where else to put it).

The Toyota Tundra: More then a great name.


More Back-issues.

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Monday Cool, clear, dry and sunny.
Tuesday Cool, clear, dry and sunny.
Wednesday Another Cool, clear, dry and sunny day, how boring.
Thursday See if you can guess.
Friday Yep, Cool, clear, dry and sunny.
Saturday Cool, clear, dry and sunny, what a &#%@$#@ surprise.
Sunday Cool, clear, dry and sunny. Who cares.
Monday Cool, clear, dry and sunny, THEN overcast into cloudy.
Tuesday Warm and cloudy towards dark. Rain over night.
Wednesday Warmer and raining most of the day, from a few drops to a downpour.
Thursday Clear, dry and warm again.
Friday Windy, clear, dry and warm.
Saturday Clear, dry and hot, temps over 80, a cool and comfortable 60 in the shop.
Sunday Cool and gloomy first thing, misting by 10:30, raining by 1:00.

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News Monday, May 10, 1999 through Sunday, May 23, 1999


You don't have to go to the beach, or even to the lake to see a good sunset. Sometimes just walking out of the side door into the street will work. Not even time to drive the mile to the lake for this shot. It all happened in a matter of two minutes.

Patching one of two corner stones in the front of the building. These are not blocks. They're built up from stacks of local stone and cemented over.

Corner stone patching

Front walk repairs

Repairs underway on the front walk. This will eventually be replaced with brick or cobble stone, but no sense letting it get any worse, just in case it takes a year or two to do the walk.

The starboard side foundation being patched in front. 30 feet complete, 243 feet to go.

Foundation patched

Corner before repairs

The port side retaining wall crumbling where it joins the front walk. Even with the pressure treated edging, the soil washes out when it rains, taking new grass and seed with it.

The Forms for the new corner in place.

Corner Forms

Corner forms

After the corner casting is complete, the crumbling step will be repaired. The other side of the walk is worse.

The first section of retaining wall rebuilt. This is the wall that may be replaced when the sidewalks are done, so this may only be a temporary repair. This four foot section came out well so it's on to the eight foot section beyond. The wall on the other side needs over twenty feet of repairs.

Retaining wall repairs

Walk patch

Another area of the walk patched. The hard part is chiseling out the old concrete to enlarge the cracks and holes for new concrete.

The repaired corner with the forms removed and ready to cure for a few days in the sun.

Corner repaired

Foundation Stained

The front foundation patched and stained Harbor Grey. The treads of the steps need to be refaced with concrete and stained as well.

Another good outside weekend, and a perfect time to rebuild Zabignew's pond, in his summer quarters.

Z's pond

Zabignew soaking

The Big Z enjoying a bath in the muddy water. He enjoys it more when the area becomes overgrown with weeds and the water gets good and green from algae. He sits in the sun with just his eyes above the water and snaps mosquitoes out of the air as they fly in to lay eggs in the water.

TK the great hunter, back from the mill race with another trophy. If you're TK, it doesn't get any better then this. The first kill put steam in her stride, now she hunts every day.

TK's Chipmunk

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Adirondack Style
Outdoor Furniture

Kind of a slow period in the furniture business due to back and wisdom tooth trouble. The yearly landscaping urge is taking up valuable time and resources, but only lasts a week or two in the spring. Included below are some sample runs of the old furniture database, recently converted to run in a Windows 98 environment.

The Purchase Sheet is a shopping list for all material needed for a batch of furniture. If there is nothing recorded in inventory, which there isn't yet, It assumes every supply item needs to be purchased and creates a big shopping list complete with quantities, unit price, and where to get it. A handy way to budget for production as far into the future as needed.

Sample Purchase Sheet

The Stock Report is a list of stock needed for a batch of furniture. This assumes I'm way ahead on the millwork, and can walk over to the finished wood rack and pick what I need. It's also handy to check the results of the millwork steps if I'm finishing as I go. Kind of like an internal shopping list.

Sample Stock Report

The Millwork Sheet is a check list of each step to be completed on each machine to produce the required amount of stock for the current batch of furniture, in this case 20 chairs. The jigs and test blocks for each setting for each machine are numbered to allow test cut results to be compared with samples of the correct dimensions. Every piece should be accurate to .01 inches.

Sample Millwork Sheet

The Cutting Trace is actually run first in the report stream. This calculates, by mimicking the actual sequence that the chair parts are cut in, the precise amount of wood needed for each batch. This accounts for the thickness of the saw blade as well as the average length of stock used. The only reason that this would need to be printed would be to debug a new cutting strategy to try for better yield, or to find human errors in the cutting process that lead to waste. A scrap summary report provides a list of all the pieces left in the scrap box after cutting. Lining up the actual scrap end to end and measuring the resulting length only takes a minute, but is an effective way to rate cutting efficiency.

Cutting Trace

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Green Side Up

One of the biggest causes of poor growth is lack of water. The weather has been extremely dry for this time of year, making it all the more important to water every day thoroughly. Use a soaker hose for best results, and water before the sun is high. The morning is better because it allows the foliage to dry, helping to prevent fungus problems.

Summers coming. Time to plant lots of Basil, Parsley, Chives, Dill, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Did I mention Basil? Yea, well plant some more then. Ya can't have too much of that.

Should be planted

Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrots, Corn, Dill, Endive, Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Lettuce, Onions, Parsnips, Peas, Potatoes, Radishes, Spinach, Strawberries, and Swiss Chard.

Should be started From Seed

Cucumbers, Eggplants, Melons, New Zealand Spinach, Okra, Onions, Peppers, Squash, and Tomatoes.

OK to plant now

Asparagus, Basil, Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Garlic, Lettuce, Potatoes, Radishes, Shallots, Squash.

OK to transplant outside soon

Cucumbers, Melons, New Zealand Spinach, Parsley, Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes.

Tomatoes and Melons may need to be covered on cold nights.

New plants

More new plants for the grounds keeper (me) to install. Some Tam Junipers for the barren area on the corner in front, Pachysandra for under the big Maple in front and annuals for the bed next to the tractor shed.

The front plantings coming along well, and looking even neater with the front foundation patched and stained. A project that would have been easier before the plants were planted. Duh!

Front plantings

Tractor shed border

The Tractor Shed border being installed and the soil prepared. This will be the last project for this wave of landscaping.

Murray emerges from hibernation looking a little dusty, but ready to roll. Murray... he could have been an optometrist but no... Mistah know-it-all had to go into lawn care. His fathah was so disappointed. Murray

White rhody

A white rhody ready to bloom and showing 3 inches of new growth. These will double in size this year.

Marigolds nestled between shrubs in the front planting to fill in some open areas and lend a little color until the Coleus, Dahlias and Caladium are up.



Some Sizzler Red Salvia planted next to a Mugo Pine (Pinus mugo).

Mixed Coleus around a Dark American Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis).


New grass

New grass growing in the previously washed out area near the retaining wall.

The grass and moss combination under the large Maple in front looks very lush and green this time of year. The area has been seeded with shade grass to fill in the bare spots near the side walk, and A large planting of Pachysandra is planned around the roots of the tree.

Yard under Maple

Tractor shed

The Tractor Shed planting ready for annuals.

Peas growing well, surrounded by untrimmed grass. Peas should start arriving before the end of June.


The plants arrive

This stack of splitters and valves does the job to balance water flow to all parts of the front plantings. Eventually a built in sprinkler system will do the job, but that's a year or two in the future.

The new Melnor 3000 cordless electronic water control valve installed and tested, ready to water the crops during beach excursions.

Control Valve

Saw buck

Some beautiful Black Dragon Coleus planted near a hosta in front of an old sawbuck, salvaged from a old boat graveyard in a marina along the west bank of the Connecticut River south of the Hadlyme Ferry.

An Alberta Spruce from Christmas with Coleus and Impatiens around the base.

Alberta Spruce

Dead Christmas Tree

A very dead looking Christmas Tree showing some small sprouts of green growth. It's not over until I say It's over.

The last annuals to be planted this year. Some Petunias in mixed colors to fill in a sunny end of the Tractor Shed planting where the Coleus and Impatiens are not likely to thrive. These used to be the flower of choice in the window box in front of the Dip & Sip. Solid purple, and purple and white striped if I remember correctly.


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... Oh it's the POSH POSH travelin' life, the travelin' life for me. First cabin, Captains table, regal company. Whenever aboard I travel abroad, but ever so stylishly... Port Out, Starboard Home, POSH with a capital P...

When travelers left Europe for the Orient, before the days of air travel and air conditioning, they could look forward to a long uncomfortable voyage on a sail or steam ship. The sun in the southern seas would beat down on the black hulls of those ships turning the cabins on the sunny side of the ship into ovens. Wealthy travelers could afford to reserve a cabin on the port, or left, side of the ship for the voyage east. This put them on the north, or shaded, side. They would then reserve a cabin on the opposite side of the ship for the trip west, again the cooler north side of the ship. This class of travel became known as Port Out Starboard Home, or POSH, which to this day refers to luxurious accommodations or methods of travel. The only way to go.


Your travel stories go here, and...

Your Travel Pictures Go Here

So send them in!

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