This is an example of a simple table. "table" defines the beginning of a table. "tr" defines a row. "td" defines the beginning of a data cell. Any thing between "td" and "/td" is part of the same call.

Here's another simple table. "bgcolor" specifies a background color for the table. "border=3" specifies a border 3 pixels wide. Notice that all of the normal statements work within a table, to control text size and color. The "width=50%" statement tells the browser to make the table 50% of the width of the screen. You can define the width precisely in pixels, but difference in screen sizes may cause inconsistancies.

Tables can be centered.

Right Justified. bordercolor="#ff0000"

Left Justified. Cell One. Cell two.

One cell. Two cell.
Red cell. Blue cell.

Or combine a bunch of features and produce something like this

   Description  Size  Unit Price  Price
   Sea Salt Soak - Clarity & Thyme Infusion  Each  $14.99/Ea  $14.99
   Hand & Body Moisturizer - Clarity Sage & Thyme Fusion  8 fl oz  $11.99  $11.99