The One-Legged Sandpiper
Sunday, February 14, 1999
Number Eight
"Knee deep and just a little behind"


Table saw on new base.

Sander on new base.

Shaper on new base.

Band Saw on new base.

Basically, everything's moving right along.


Snow, then sunny, then cold cold cold.


The first project Sunday morning, after coffee and "wicked" huge muffins from A&P, was building the new base for the table saw. The bases raise each tool up a slightly different amount so that the working (cutting) surfaces are all the same height. Seems like they should be designed that way doesn't it.

Snow why don't ya. Less then an inch, but still fun to see. You can see two flakes in the air, and we're not talking neighbors.

The table saw with its butt in a sling, prior to lifting on to its new base.

The shop crane stealing money from the chiropractor right before your eyes.

You'd all be proud; we even swept the sawdust under the saw while it was in the air. Kind of like cleaning under the refrigerator when it gets moved. I guess the dust collector can't suck enough.

On the new base and almost ready to go. The tape around the edges of the saw is to seal the spaces where air can leak in. This helps draw more air, and dust, into the dust collector. The saw had to be bolted down from the inside working through that little square hatch on the left. Like laparoscopic surgery.

Works just fine at the new altitude. Pretend you don't see the blade guard removed.

This drawer face, with the hole chewed in from the corner round bit where the roller bearing pilot wasn't adjusted right, is for Todd's apartment, which he may be moving out of soon so it doesn't matter. Norm never shows you his screw-ups.

Here's the sander base going together. The first post-breakfast project.

Ready for plywood. The sander weighs more then six-hundred pounds so this should provide a solid base.

We just have to get the green thing on top of the wood thing, no problem.

Ready for sanding.

Sander guts. Look at the size of that motor. That's why it tripped the double thirty Amp breaker last night. That's another motor to run the conveyor belt. I'm not looking forward to the first electric bill in full production.

The shaper on its new base, just in time for the daily stroll.

The front line almost ready to go. The shaper still needs to be set up.

Still life: Deflicted dock with sparkly stuff.

What a nice sunset.

I never get tired of these. You may though.

Back from the walk and time to get the band saw on the new base.

Done in time to put dinner in the oven and take a shower before the Simpsons. Timing is critical in every facet of the furniture business.