The One-Legged Sandpiper
Sunday, February 7, 1999
Number Four
"Knee deep and just a little behind"

And speaking of little behinds... it's Marley.

An important development today: the dust collector ports for the thickness sander were finally found. The little black plastic dealies help funnel dust from two six inch sanding drums into two four inch flex hoses and into the dust collector. Without these this baby could cloud a football stadium with dust in about three minutes. The shelf under the bench in the machine shop seemed like a good place to put them at the time. Duh!

The only thing bad about this morning was finding I had left the door to the Bunker open all night. This is where all the gasoline, kerosene, propane, solvents and acid is kept. That way if it explodes, it's closer to the neighbor's house.

Sunrise over the hills behind Five-mile River in front of the house.

Project one was to install temporary bracing on the Promenade Deck railings to secure them until the second floor rooms are complete.

A large amount of stuff had to be moved to provide room for the wood needing to be moved out of the wood storage area. You can see a little of the arch over the stage in the lower left of the picture. I want to try and incorporate the arch into the bedroom that will be here in about a year or so.

Another view of the arch.

Here's a view of the railings overlooking one of the big storage racks between the windows on the South wall.

This is looking down in the next big project: cleaning off forty feet of work bench piled three feet deep in places. All good stuff of course. You can see two very important features of the shop: radial arm saw and litter box.

Look at all that floor space in front of the planer, table saw and thickness sander.

Work was temporarily interrupted by a wood delivery by Luke. This is his idea of a cord. An easy cord and a third of green Shagbark Hickory, the heaviest wood around these parts. Burns as hot as coal and leaves only a spec of ash. The forecast calls for six to eight inches of snow tonight so this needed to be "put up" right away. I could have sworn I ordered self stacking wood this time.

I hate thaws. Nice ruts huh?

On top of where the next batch of wood goes always seems like a good place to pile a bunch of junk.

Leaves a fine mess in the yard also.

Not a bad sized pile. The wood.

A little rakin' and the yard is good as new.

Rakin' and Hoe'n' and we got no more ruts.

Back inside to finish emptying the wood storage area. Nice empty Raid Bug Control Centers. This is about a week ahead of plan.

Darn! Forgot about those radiators. Why can't anything weigh less then 500 lbs?

Snow on the ice next to open water. Nice winter lake shot.

That's it for this week. We're taking the rest of the night off, except for some measuring and planning.
Mid X-files update: Snowing to beat the band! Cool!