Subj: Hooterville Happenings
Date: 2/7/99
To: acker0613, RSadankas, pm08732, DMMCBT

News From The Front
Friday, February 6, 1999

Considering the weather, blackening ostrich burgers inside on the stove seemed like a good idea. I mean, how bad could it be?

"Stay low and follow the light from the refrigerator!"
File this with such great ideas as blackened corned beef and Jack Daniel's in the butter for roasters.

We had to rearrange our morning plans to cover the wood shed back up with new tarps. Looked like it would snow or rain any minute from 6:30 on. Thank god for cheap plastic tarps.

The Killingly dump is actually a great place to go. Whipping bottles into huge bins trying to break the ones already there. Recycling a truck load of stuff that would otherwise go into a landfill. Very rewarding all around. Pats on the back for social consciousness.

No, we're not still at the dump. This is the out feed side of the line of tools in the shop. This will be the big area of concentration for the next week so the table saw; thickness sander, shaper and jointer can come on-line.

The Wood Man Cometh. Four loads like this fills the inside rack, four racks to a cord. Two weeks per cord if the weather's not too scary. We figured we better stop the projects and load wood in case the weather turns in a hurry.

Happiness is a full wood rack. This wood isn't as nice as the first few cords this year. Those were all "wicked" dry red oak. This load is a mix of oak, ash, and poplar, and not quite as dry. With both overhangs and two sides inside the shed, I should be able to get a year ahead. This year is still a huge improvement over last year.

New rule: Check the dust collector every 15 minutes. Wonder why it's not sucking so good? I still haven't given much thought to disposing of this stuff yet. Today it became a problem. This is from one dimensioning pass on the planer for 40 16 foot planks. Two finishing passes to go and that's just for a small batch of 20 chairs. That's enough shavings for a twelve ton hamster.

Even the little portable filled up. This little guy is so top heavy, the slightest bump dumps him and the wood chips all over the floor. The problem was solved today with a plywood disk in the bottom of the drum with a round patio block lowered in place. Kind of like how we're all in our thirties, and have extra ballast so we don't tip over in our desk chairs. Looks kind of like R2D2 before a makeover.

This is the last major hurdle to production. The dreaded misc. wood storage area. Less then 100 square feet of prime floor space between the entry hall doors and soon to be lighthouse theme guest room. Contents: One big load of wood, four six-hundred pound radiators and lots of metal stock. It all needs a new home.

The western view of the same area. Not so bad though. The whole shop used to look like this to a depth of ten feet.

Late afternoon sun streaming in the windows means one of two things: nap; or walk.
Nothing like sunset over the drill press.

A little warmer might have been nice and less wind, but walking in the snow is always pleasant. Here's Alexander Lake during a snowy sunset.

The new motel is coming along well. Less then three quarters of a mile from the house. Eighty or more rooms and a restaurant and bar. Almost like civilization here soon.

Very cool swirling snow things around the house. "Winter please."

I just love this shot. Seems like something "icky" should be living in the attic or bell tower.

Post walk: loading dock beams cut and drilled and ready for service. These will extend the loading dock almost ten feet past the end of the front porch railing for receiving or shipping from the side of the porch, or convert to a ramp for wheeling big heavy stuff in or out to ground level.

Here they are nestled in their home in the new overhang.

The overhangs make great storage areas for long stuff.

Nine o'clock and time to quit for the night. Have to leave Something for tomorrow.
Angus steaks on a charcoal fire, baked potatoes with roasted garlic sour cream and basil sour cream lima beans worked as well as sleeping pills.