Subj: News from the front. Friday 02/05/99
Date: 2/5/99
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News From the Front

Friday, February 5, 1999
Hooterville, CT

You can tell by the shadows in this picture that today's projects started early. The balmy weather predicted never materialized. Maybe thirty-eight degrees with major wind blowing all day. Had a nice fall feel to it though. This is the current tarp covered roof of the wood shed. This will actually be the floor of the second floor where all of the cool project wood will be stored. The second floor should be completed in the fall and might be done barn-raising style. Bound to be more fun then a dock-out so keep your work gloves handy and an early October weekend free. Yeah right!

The tarp was leaking from damage sustained during a windy fall and winter and the plywood underneath was in danger of water damage so we gambled that the weather would cooperate and stripped the tarp off to let the deck dry over night. Snow predicted tomorrow, hopefully not until after the dump run so we can get it covered back up in time.

Here's a second floor view of the new overhang framing.

Plywood sheathing in place with glue and screws for strength and time for a coffee break.

The hit of the day was the new folding sawhorses from home depot used to hold up scaffolding. $19.95 and they're very well designed and three of them held at least 500 lb. with no sign of strain.

The sun is just past overhead and warming up the roofing paper (two layers of 30 lb. paper, typical roofers use one layer of 15 lb. paper if you're lucky) nicely. Out of the roaring wind and in the sun, it was quite pleasant outside. Time for the daily walk while the sun is still high.

After the daily walk ("wicked" cold) and lunch, the shingles went on quickly to just under the second floor overhang. The space underneath is for vents that will funnel breezes hitting the overhang roofs into the interior of the shed to help dry the wood inside.

Here's a view of the whole wood shed with the new overhang in place on the right. The complete wood shed will be two-thirds the size of an Ocean Beach house with a copula on the roof that looks like the bell tower on the church.

We headed inside just in time for a set by the wood stove with the sunset happening through the shop windows bathing all the tools in that red/orange light and creating perfect nap conditions which somehow we managed to avoid and went on to load the truck with all the recyclables staged in the entry here.

The entry hall will be the shipping/receiving and sales office soon. The recyclables were cleaned out of the future pantry in the pilot house. The pantry will be wired soon prior to the C of O inspection along with the sweat shop on the other side of the wall. That's the name of the Sewing Area if you must know. We had company with long legs and big thighs for dinner tonight. Blackened Ostrich burgers and homemade French fries. More fun scheduled for Saturday. Smell ya later.