Subj: News from the front - Thursday 2/4/99
Date: 2/5/99
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News From The Front (soon to be The One-Legged Sand Piper )

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Today proved to be a very productive day. Weather put off installing the woodshed overhang for three weeks now. It was going up today no matter what. The storage area in this overhang will hold the timbers that support the ramp on the loading dock when it's put away. Here it is first thing in the morning, trying to beat the rain.

The area we need to put this is not exactly clear. The large pile of pine will be split and stacked under this overhang to be used in the bread oven to be built where the pile is now. The pile under the tarp is kindling.

Here's a close-up of the overhang frames.

Here it is in position ready to be hoisted into position with come-a-longs chained to those large beams hanging over the edge of the roof.

Just about there. Getting the sucker to balance on the cables isn't easy. With the last overhang in place, the wood heat situation will be totally under control. Four separate areas to store at least two cords each and be able to rotate the oldest out first. Ten cords total, about a whole year supply.

This looks like a great place for a ladder storage area, overlooking the Sanford and Son estate.

Nasty storm blowing in from the West. We finished just as it started to rain. Still needs plywood, drip edge, roofing paper and shingles, but enough for one day.

A very important pre-spring activity: planting snow peas. They can actually be planted in the fall and winter over. They start growing as soon as it gets warm enough in the spring.

Back inside the planer finally has a proper dust collection connection. This cut down the shavings thrown out to next to nothing.

The star of the day has to be the band saw, which saw its first real use today, set up properly with dust collector and everything.

Here's the first cut set up and ready to go. Cutting a railroad tie with the grain is a good test for any saw.

This is one of the beams that will hold up the loading dock when it's set up.

Just like cutting cheese, so to speak.

In keeping with the spring theme (planting peas), we had pasta with fresh tomato basil sauce for dinner. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and beautiful. Maybe a good day to finish roofing the overhang. Maybe Not.