Subj: Cold Gray Dawn
Date: 2/2/99

I was up and out at 6:00 this morning trying to beat the freezing rain but with no luck. Firewood was down to two sticks with at least one more cold cold day predicted. I guess the hog didn't see s**t today. I bet those things would be good on the grill.
Today is the last day of broadcasting for the morning music station: Q-100, WQXR 101.1, Worcester ( "Wooooster" country ). They done got bought out and er changin' formats. No more classics like "I pulled the head off Elvis, filled Fred up to his pelvis.... Yaba daba do, the king is gone, and so are you" to wake up to, or no more weather reports by "meet...e-roligist Geary Lass-or". Oh well.
This was as good as it got this morning.

I'm actually glad Luke showed up yesterday. No ruts.

This is the new overhang waiting for installation and best of all, not inside anymore.

Last nights Luke wood delivery nestled in the new cribbing. This will probably be the last wood burned this year.

This side is finally down enough to reach where the bolts go to install the new overhang.

It was actually a pleasure to work on the promenade deck rail this morning up where the heat from the stove all goes after the cold and wet outside. A few more pieces to glue and screw and it'll be time to start patching and painting. I have to find a nice piece of oak or chestnut left over from the stage to use for the finished cap rail.
The last of my tea is cold and that means it's time for another few minutes in the shop before hitting the shower.