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A Barnegat Bay Sunset
Last Beach Day Protocol
Who is John Five?
Osprey Osprey Osprey - A story about racism... Or lack thereof.
Missing in Action - I wonder where they could be?
Darwin's Leachfield (It must be the water) - Stories from Danielson, Connecticut.
More Danger Kitchen recipes.
More old Sandpipers online.
The Oar - Having a beer on Block Island. One of life's perfect moments.
Even the Women are Missing Teeth - Bringing a trawler down from Portsmouth, Maine.
The Dock - A very worthy enterprise.
Cantaloupe - An excellent little sailboat.
Neap Tide.
The Spirit of St. Louis.
The Lunar Module.
A submarine diving horn.
Memories of Woodbridge, New Jersey.
John Gilman on patrol.
A stolen appliance box.
Chemistry Sets in the Grass.
A fire breathing fetal pig.
Hermit Crabs and Paddle Wheelers
The Printing Press vs the Hugimajigger
Racing Cars and Charlie the Track Robot
Paper Chains and Monsters on the Back Porch
Valentine's Day Cards
First Visit to the Dip & Sip
A Plastic Lizard From Seaside
My Grandfathers Cousin Carl
Uncle Pat
Adventures in Gold, PA
Stain Rail Follies
My Sloop
A February Beach Visit
The Dinky Banger
Throw It Out the Window
Toys That Could Kill You... They were great!
The Dead Baby Alligator
The Coal Yard on Christol Street
Wear Shades... Play It Cool
Momma Murr

Coming Eventually

Lone Pine

      Welcome to Lone Pine... Your cabin in the pines. Follow the smoke from the fireplace back from the mountain trail and put up the horses. Watch the sun set over the pristine mountain lake before heading inside for hearty meal. While away the rest of the night listening to cowboy swing, tossing back a few drinks and watching the starlight reflect off the dark waters of the distant lake. The place is furnished with everything from the L.L. Bean catalog and lots of big old arm chairs and couches. There's collections of vintage huntig and fishing books and planty of gear for any season. Welcome to Lone Pine partner.

Haven Harbor

      Haven Harbor is an adventure mystery novel under construction for some time. It'll appear in the Sandpiper a chapter at a time.

Danger Kitchen
Survival Living

      Some special and easy Danger Kitchen recipes, shopping tips and practical habits to survive any financial crisis in squalid splendor. Suggestions of what and when to buy, how to store and prepare it for the maximum enjoyment and quality of life. Slightly related in concept to the book Possum Living but hopefull not quiet as... Uh... Strange we'll say.