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   July, 2009   

     Thursday, July 9, 2009     

Anticipation and Expectation
Anatomy of a Beach Trip

      The yearly beach trip for the Fourth of July is a ritual I wouldn't part with. Sure the chaos and traffic and the packing and loading of gear can be a headache but the results are well worth it. After 6 weeks of crap weather, Karma cooperated and gave us three amazing days in a row one of which was the fourth itself. We fought traffic and worse but managed to get to Island Beach State Park for an afternoon of successful clamming before cleaning up and heading to Monterey Beach for Kelly's Aunt Sis's (Sheila) yearly Fourth dinner.
      After a great meal we headed back to Ocean Beach to watch the fireworks... Of which there were almost none thanks to the ridiculously overbearing presence of dozens of local police determined to take the fun out of our yearly barrage of explosives. There was just enough civil disobedience to encourage me that we're not all candy-asses and the night turned out to be decent anyway. The high point may have been the whole beach breaking into "God Bless America" to yank the chains of the cops that were hassling some guy in front of his wife and young kids that had the nerve to set off a rocket down by the water and then disappear into the crowd on the beach.
      The rest of the trip was text book beach activity. The final chapter of every beach trip is the return to reality such as it is. Part of the process is unloading the pictures from the camera and recording the clamming results (We keep statistics... Just because) and reliving the whole trip while selecting things to add to the Sandpiper or Danger Kitchen. The meal below is another example of how the beach keeps on giving... Sometimes almost long enough to stave off beach-withdrawals before planning the next trip starts... About a week before departure usually. I can't decide if the Steamed Clams meal should go in Danger Kitchen, Squalid Splendor or L.S.P. (Life's Simple Pleasures). Maybe all three. Stay tuned for a recap of the latest beach trip and Kelly's Vacation in Connecticut. One word... Closure!

Cheesy Anatomy of a Beach Trip Graphic

     Saturday, July 11, 2009     

     Monday, July 13, 2009     

A Kelly Kollage
Life is Simple... Eat, Sleep, Fish

Kelly's Vacation - Introduction

      This entry originally showed up on Friday June 26 and languished there under contruction for quite a while. It's done now and should actually appear on Monday June 1. It probably will when I get the past few months achives fixed up. Be patient... I've had a lot on the plate lately.

      If I had to come up with one thing that is most missing in today's American society I would have to say rituals. Rituals provide a connection to our past and continuity through an unsure future and bind the people participating with stronger bonds than they would otherwise feel with the other participants. We all have our routines but too few have any rituals to speak of. A routine can become a ritual when special significance is attached to it. Beach and boat people seem more inclined to participate in rituals than the rest. I grew up with a strong set of rituals, most of which were of my own creation, but many of which were influenced by my grandparents. Kelly grew up with a very strong sense of ritual influenced heavily by her grandparents. Her grandmother remains the matriarch of a large extended family due in part to her adherence to rituals that have shaped the social behavior of her family since they were born. These rituals have helped steer Kelly through difficult and trying times in her life as have mine. When times are good adherence to ritual becomes a De facto celebration. When times are bad the ritual can raise otherwise damp spirits to a neutral baseline and may even provide a stepping stone to happiness and contentment. That's a lot to ask of some often simple behavior but... It works.
      That brings me to the point of this entry and the beginning of a recap of an important new ritual... Kelly's yearly Connecticut vacation. It first happened in the winter when she came north with her friend Lauren for a long weekend at The Church. Over a few years it has grown into a two week summer vacation that never seems long enough and has us ranging over two or three states fishing and touristing and kayaking and hiking and cooking and eating and enjoying the best of what this slice of the world has to offer. We've been to all kinds of restaurants from a new Indian Fusion in Providence to the Viking feast of the Nordic Lodge and everywhere in between. We've survived the worst weather and nonsense from every direction and always come out better for the effort. This year was no exception. The weeks are tough to come by. Kelly has school and work to deal with until well into May and then has to get the most recent crop of Russians trained and ready for the summer surge at the Crabs Claw before she can take off. But it all came together again this year... Earlier than previous years but longer by three days than the previous record. This is the introduction of the recap of those events that will carry the vacation spirit through to the next beach trip. Stay tuned for day one.

     Tuesday, July 14, 2009     

One Closure
One Closure

Two Closure
Two Closure

Three Closure
Three Closure


     Wednesday, July 15, 2009     

One of the top ten nicest days of the year!

Why is it spinning again?

The Chicken vs Reality... and Peter
Peter vs The Chicken?
The Chicken vs Reality?

     Thursday, July 16, 2009     

Barbed Wire
Missing In Action

Have you seen me?

I'm the Spinning Chicken Coupe
Have you seen Santa Vana Dana?

Spinning Chicken

Barbed Wire

     Friday, July 17, 2009     

I just love a good awning... The Cool shade gets me SO hot!!! I would let anybody with awnings stalk ME!

It's because I'm a chicken isn't it?

His day in court... A travesty of justice!

Ah the good old days when he thought he had all the money in the world!
I wonder if he still remembers?

I bet he can still remember the good old days. Can you name all of the piglets? Remember the noisy squabbles and the sound of their little hooves clacking?

Can you name all of the piglets?

Remember the noisy squabbles around the teats and the sounds of their little hooves clacking?

     Saturday, July 18, 2009     

   Wauregan Reservoir   
Click here for a high res picture of the Rez
The Rez
Five minutes to another world
A Summer Afternoon Paddle Break

     Wauregan Reservoir, also known as Quinebaug Pond State Park, is just a few minutes drive from the Train Station in downtown Danielson and a frequent subject of Sandpiper entries. The opportunities to experience "The Rez" in all its glory becomes an important part of summer when the last beach trip is just a memory and the next one is just an idea and a few notes. It's a beautiful spot any time of year and nothing soothes the need for nature in short notice like an afternoon paddle around the perimeter in a kayak.

     Today was my first day "off" in Connecticut in twenty days due to the Fourth of July beach trip and related schedule "compression". That means chores, chores and more chores but... There's always time for a Rez break... Or at least there should be. I loaded the kayak in the truck around 3:00 but it was 5:00 before I actually put a paddle in the water. Distractions are many. The sweltering heat and humidity of the morning had given way to a cool comfortable breeze blowing south to north across the wonderful little body of water. A couple of kayakers were just getting out when I arrived and seemed in a hurry to leave for some reason. There was a few threatening looking clouds to the west but nothing that seemed worth leaving for.

     The swimming areas were busy and the rope swings were swinging but I noticed only one other vessel on the water as I cleared the point south of the first swimming area that marks the beginning of the wide and deep section of the little lake. It's rumored to be forty feet at the deepest with huge hook-jawed Lake Trout inhabiting the cold depths. I've seen boats trolling deep using fish finders but haven't seen anyone catch anything bigger than the three and a half pound Large Mouth that Kelly caught three vacations ago. One afternoon two years ago I spotted a roiling disturbance in the water that was moving from the point near the swimming beach towards the deep water. The disturbance was similar to the ones created by the as yet unidentified fish schools that feed near the surface as dusk approaches every still summer night. As I closed in on the disturbance it seemed to move faster away from me just like the fish schools do UNTIL... I saw the flipper slice through the water just ahead of the most recent disturbance. The fins was enormous and the fish would have been six feet or more nose to tail if it hadn't been a diver in a wetsuit that slipped into the water unnoticed and was diving without a flag up. The Rez Ness monster was just an illusion but... Was another example of how there's never a dull day at the Rez.

     There were a few surprises this time besides the pond not being loaded with boats. The Blue Heron is back but without his or her mate. I hope it's actually another one with no mate but I can't tell. They do look quite alike from as close as you can get to them before they fly. I surprised this one while I was gliding silently up to some turtles. It amazes me that such a large ungainly bird can perch so effortlessly on such small branches without the slightest bit of wobbling or flapping or rustling of the tree branch. They must weigh next to nothing. The fish population seems to have settled in compare to the last paddle here. The south end shallows are still teaming with small fish but they all seem to be hiding more now. The sunny nests are empty now and I only spotted one good sized small mouth bass patrolling the weeds where all of the small fish were hiding. Everyone's getting down to the business of surviving after the spring population explosion. It would appear to be a good year to be a turtle certainly.

     The allotted time for a quick paddle around passed way to quickly and I found myself dogging it on the way back north to the put-in. The day was too perfect to hurry and I ended up drifting slowly with the breeze enjoying the sun and sparkles on the water. You can steer the kayak in the wind with the paddle raised and angled just right. We've done that on more than one occasion clamming when we were too tired to paddle back off the sand flats. Twenty more minutes lingering at the ramp put me into 7:00 by time I got back to the Train Station. The next chore wasn't so much a real chore but needed to be done anyway. A quick stop at the Church provided a handful of fresh herbs to season the steamed clams and broth on the diner menu... just in time to celebrate the two week anniversary of the last clamming run. I can't wait for the next one. Dinner was a bowl or two of freshly steamed clams in broth seasoned with fresh garlic, sage, thyme, parsley, chives, marjoram and oregano. Add a pat of butter, a little olive oil, some minced red onion and a splash of Guinness Stout and you have one of life's simple pleasures. An afternoon paddle at the Rez is another one. This is one of the best places in Killingly, CT.

Credit cards no longer accepted. Don't make him beg!

     Sunday, July 19, 2009     

Cheesy Anatomy of a Beach Trip Graphic

Thursday, July 2, 2009
Day 1

      The actual trip began around 5:30 pm Thursday night in Providence, Rhode Island. The preparations were a week long process before that day. This was the first trip south in the new truck to boot so extra care was taken to get ready. The Tacoma was a known factor so I didn't need to check oil and fluids and such but it seemed a worthy exercise considering the "newness" of this "old" truck.

      Despite the weather eye towards truck performance and the associated concern (stress) relative to said "newness" the trip was relaxing and conducted in air-conditioned comfort with music and cool air bathing the "reliabilityness" of the best truck in the whole wide world*. The Tacoma's radio and AC were dead and so the Dakota seemed quite luxurious.

      Traffic was almost nonexistent most of the way but occasional rain storms slowed things a bit. I passed the high point of the Tappan Zee Bridge right around sunset. The wide spot in the river was filled with sailboats enjoying the break in the rain. The rest of the trip seems down hill all the way from the top of the bridge. Anticipation for the beach was high but tempered by a scheduled stop in Piscataway, NJ at mom's house for a day of chores due to the chores needing to be done AND... Kelly was working Thursday and Friday at the Crab's Claw so there was almost no point in arriving before midnight Friday.

      It was ten-thirty by time I arrived and I spent a few minutes unloading some stuff before I settled in to watch the news with mom over dinner. She had eaten already but fixed me a big plate of ravioli and meatballs and sausage with garlic bread and a side of broccoli. Not to shabby for late leftovers. There were even Klondike bars for dessert! It rained a few times on the way down and started again before the night was over so there was no point in walking across the street to see the moon on the water of Lake Nelson. After the news I watched Letterman (a rare treat) before heading to bed reasonably early. I was lucky it wasn't too hot yet and sleeping was quite comfortable for a night in early July with no AC. The whole trip was off to a good start.

* It's always a good idea, karma wise, to speak well of the new vehicle... If only gratuitously.

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Views from the Tappan Zee Bridge

Save the Chickens... Or NOT!!! The choice is yours
Why We Need Chickens
  • It's fun to watch their comic antics
  • They make us all realize how important dignity is
  • They tell big lies but fall for even bigger ones
  • They make you feel smart on your dumbest day
  • If you want to know what not to do in every situation...
    Watch what a Chicken does
  • Their attempts at revenge and showing off always backfire
    with hilarious results
  • The stories are fun to share and trade
  • They give a whole town something to laugh at in the worst of times
  • They spend all their money and then implode...
    Like a train wreck in slow motion
  • They make you happy you're not them

Spinning Chicken
Check out Ode to a Chicken, a poem by Hermit Jim. The first line is especially poignant.

     Monday, July 20, 2009     

A     S p i n n i n g     C h i c k e n     L i m e r i c k
Spinning Chicken

The old man in the chair...
Is just on the front porch for stalking.
He'll lure you in...
With a leer and a grin.
So whatever you do just keep walking.

     Tuesday, July 21, 2009     

Not In Debt Over Your Head?

Don't Worry...

Your Wealth Could Make You Poor!

Author of the World's Bestselling
Personal Wealth Elimination Program

Re: Don't make another payment until you see this information

I should have seen it coming.

Every day I didn't have to worry where my next check was coming from. I had secure income, a small mortgage payment and a chance to invest in some potentially lucrative real-estate!

What's really crazy is... I actually believed I was spending enough money at the time.

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks: the house, the van, the restaurant...I could blow it all stalking bimbos. As long as I still had money—I wasn't satisfied.
I was a prisoner of secure income. And, I had to find a way out.

But this is the strange part.

In the process, I developed a unique method that actually transforms wealth into debt. So much debt, that almost anyone who uses it can be flat broke by the time they retire.

It's fast! Easy! And works with any income level.

The really exciting part is you can do it using nothing more than the money you're currently earning or saving.

     Wednesday, July 22, 2009     

The Whirling Twirling Blinking Stinking Flapping Crapping Family Lemonade Stand is a Fortune 500,000,000 company

     Thursday, July 23, 2009     

A Very Lucky Hermit crab

      Crabby fans are always asking about our favorite crustacean since his rescue at the Rez. He was very active in June when Kelly was up for vacation even though he still needed his tank heater on due to temps still dipping into the forties at night even then.
      Towards the end of Kelly's vacation he kept digging under his fresh water dish and dumping all of the water out. We thought there was a crack in the dish and a leak but the little sucker was dumping it out making a cave underneath. He's quite strong. The full water dish with the rocks in the bottom to give him some traction if he falls in must weigh ten to twenty times as much as he does but he bulldozes it around like it was nothing. Quite the crab he is!
      Sunday Crabby once again emerged unceremoniously from his cave having completed a second successful molt. He was out strolling around when I returned from Kayaking Alexander Lake. He changed shells into a larger one but hasn't settled on it yet. I found him sizing up the two other spares when I noticed he was back with the living. They're very fussy about shells.
      Crabby is looking long and lean after this molt. His legs seem substantially longer than before but not much thicker. I haven't seen his big defensive claw yet but it should be getting larger. He seems to be thriving after the trauma of abandonment at the Rez so it may be time to consider a buddy for him. We didn't want to take the crab that one of the summer Russian girls at the Crabs Claw had as a pet because he might not be able to defend himself without a big claw.
      They're social little critters but can also fight viciously over shells to live in and we didn't want to risk him being injured by a "friend" until he was healthier. It might be time though. He also needs his salt water baths again. I need to ask some boater friends to brink some back for me although Long Island Sound or Narragansett Bay water is no substitute for New Jersey open Atlantic water. He seems to like Jersey Shore water in his big surf clam pool. I forgot to hook him up last trip. He's still a very lucky hermit crab.

The Cleveland Steamer
Captain Stalking... I mean Stubing!!! Captain “STUBING” WARNING!!! WARNING!!!     DANGER NOW Will Robinson!

Rumor has it Spinning Chicken has been spotted piloting the Cleveland Steamer around the Leach Field recently. With Captain Stalking... Oops! I mean Captain Stupid... STUBING... Captain Stubing at the helm of the Wrexon Valdez, Is ANYONE SAFE??? Danger Will Robinson!!!

     Friday, July 24, 2009     

I'm in my eighties... You're 17
We could make it work!

     Saturday, July 25, 2009     

A Beach Fire
Some unfinished Business

This entry should have appeared on Friday February 20, 2009 but didn't. The pictures turned up while fixing the April, May and June archives and might be well worth getting online. Today has proven to be the warmest day of the year so far and it's getting warmer and muggier as the night progresses so it seemed like it might be nice to relive a warm day in February.

      A trip to the Beach always seems to have infinite possibilities. While there, a trip to Island Beach State Park seems to step it up a notch... Like when we found the Shotgun that afternoon at the park. The Connecticut version of the park is the Rez... A.K.A. Wauregan Reservoir. An event of similar magnitude would be finding and rescuing Crabby at the Rez.
      In any case... The reason for the fire tonight was to celebrate an interesting day at the park. The shotgun was just part of the reason. We also collected about five or six pounds of fresh mussels from the banks of the island that border the clamming area. The mussels grow in the nastiest blackest mud well above the water level but they are always sweet and plump and tasty and never the slightest bit gritty. They are a special treat during times when summer and clamming are months away and an attitude adjustment is necessary. We had a fine mussels Marinara before heading up the beach in the cold and wind to build the fire.

Spinning bin Chicken
Spinning bin Chicken

The Al Jazeera of Eastern Connecticut

Coming Soonish

Bumper Stickers and Decals For Sale
(No... Not with this sophmoric Arab theme. Spinning Chicken ones)

Spinning bin Chicken or Nosser Arafathead?

Not In Debt Over Your Head?

Don't Worry...

Your Wealth Could Make You Poor!

Author of the World's Bestselling
Personal Wealth Elimination Program

Re: Don't make another payment until you see this information

I should have seen it coming.

Every day I didn't have to worry where my next check was coming from. I had secure income, a small mortgage payment and a chance to invest in some potentially lucrative real-estate!

What's really crazy is... I actually believed I was spending enough money at the time.

That's when it hit me like a ton of bricks: the house, the van, the restaurant...I could blow it all stalking bimbos. As long as I still had money—I wasn't satisfied.
I was a prisoner of secure income. And, I had to find a way out.

But this is the strange part.

In the process, I developed a unique method that actually transforms wealth into debt. So much debt, that almost anyone who uses it can be flat broke by the time they retire.

It's fast! Easy! And works with any income level.

The really exciting part is you can do it using nothing more than the money you're currently earning or saving.

Imagine being able to make your wealth disappear (even if your home mortgage is paid off) in 3-5 years...and then creating so much debt you're able to retire a wealth-free debt millionaire.

Best of all, this isn't rocket science. That's why over 2 million people in almost every and town in America have requested my Wealth to Debt® strategies to eliminate their wealth! In fact, it works so well it's now the bestselling personal wealth-elimination program.

I feel deeply that America needs my wealth eliminating and debt producing recipes today more than ever. I have seen them change lives, no matter where they are financially. Often, random people in the streets, from my audiences, and friends and neighbors will come up to me often and say something like,

"Spinning Chicken how do I know your program can work for me in my particular situation? If I had certainty that your program works, I would get started right now! Nothing would stop me because I know what it would mean to my family and my future."

Comments like these have always been in the back of my mind but especially lately -when people need my program now more than ever - I have struggled with how I instill confidence in their souls and get them jump started to take action toward a debt free life...and it finally hit me. I know what I can do to help you and it is a bit daring on my part...keep reading and I will explain more towards the end of this web page... You will like my offer, and I promise you will not want to miss it.

You can stop being a prisoner of wealth. Discover how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you lost your car, lost your house, and everything in it stalking bimbos and spending money like a drunken sailor on the most ridiculous things ever. Let's have a straight talk about how you get from where you are to where you know you want to be.

I did it so can you.

Turn your wealth into debt and never have money ever again. Start your count-down today!

Spinning Chicken
Spinning Chicken

Stories and rumors from Danielson, Connecticut

The Spinning Chicken Theory of Gullibility
Theory of Gullibility

Spinning Chicken Plus Money Equals Bubbles

Or Expressed Another Way

Spinning Chicken Minus Money Equals Bupkiss

Let's Solve for Bubbles

Spinning Chicken Plus Money Equals Bubbles

Spinning Chicken

Money Equals Bubbles


Spinning Chicken Equals Zero

     Sunday, July 26, 2009     

65 Degrees on the Wing Bridge!

The State of the Situation
Sunday July 26, 2009

      The Wing Bridge is the little porch outside the second floor apartment at the Train Station. It's a great place to have "a sit" with a cup of tea or coffee and watch Main Street Danielson (Darwin's Leach Field) go by. It can be a good place to watch freight trains from the Providence Worcester Railroad and I check the outdoor thermometer there every morning. It's sunny in the winter and nicely shaded in the summer and can be a great place to pursue some of life's simple pleasures.
      Since the past two days have been very productive I decided to sleep in this morning and didn't hit the Wing Bridge until around 7:30. It was already 65 degrees and as humid as a rain forest not to mention overcast and rainy. I'm glad took a break and kayaked the Rez yesterday afternoon. The place was packed but there were only a few boats on the water near the swimming areas so I had the place to myself. Once I was past the ballast rocks next to the tracks the cacophony of voices faded in the strong south wind and the slap of the chop on the kayak. It was a top-ten day of the year for sure. I had checked out the new canoe trail put-in area on the river in Brooklyn on the way back from getting gas yesterday and considered paddling there but I'm glad I chose the Rez.
      The big snapping turtle was out and about and every painted and spotted turtle in the place was up on a log enjoying the warmth. The center third of the water down most of the length was whipped into little breaking swells from the strong steady wind. The shallows at the south end are still teaming with fish and the water level is higher than ever. The Rez is full and healthy... Not at all like last year. Last night after paddling was even productive time. I got the oil in the truck changed, the upstairs kitchen decontaminated, plenty of Sandpiper issues resolved and ended the night having a few Guiness Stouts with a batch of Ham and Cabbage while watching an ancient copy of Neighbors with John Belushi and Dan Akroyd. It's always worth stopping at the Salvation Army or Risom Mill to look for movies.
      Sunday monring in danielson are usually quiet unless Don at Danielson Adventure Sports has some sort of mountain bike event going on. Danielson is not a morning town. The quiet is usually disturbed only by occasional sirens and the church bells around the corner calling folks to mass. The sound always reminds me of the opening scene in The Village by M. Night Shyamalan... One off my favorite movies. There are similarities... "Those we do not speak of" for instance. Considering they were "those we do not speak of" they seemed to get spoken of every few minutes but WHATEVER! It IS a great movie!
      Summer might finally be here. I don't want to sound like I haven't been loving life weather wise up until now. Warm breezy days and cold nights are my idea of great weather. A little less rain would have been nice but the lack of sweltering heat has been like a gift. Well, it's 9:20... Time to get back upstairs and make a Potato Egg Thing for breakfast and more coffee. Online weather has the thunder storms holding off until 4:00 or so. Time to get some chores done and maybe take a kayak break on the river before the weather turns to stink... Or "stinkier" than it is already. One of life's simple pleasures would be getting back from paddling just as the storm settles in and grabbing an afternoon nap listening to the thunder. It's that kind of day.

Cold War or Old War? What's with the Chicken and binoculars?
Dateline: Daniel san, North Korea

Is this Jim Kong (makes me) il?

The Chicken sure loves binoculars!

I'm Going To Have A
Strawberry Banana Daiquiri!
I Love
Strawberry Banana Daiquiris!

     Monday, July 27, 2009     

Kelly with Monty Python

A recently discovered picture from March of this year with Kelly getting to know the Poop Head's new pet Python. Even the blurry cell phone picture shows what a great looking snake this is. With more handling this could be a very social snake.

The following intelligence was gathered by S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Operative "Agent 44" in deep cover at extreme risk to his personal safety. We understand he has a contact on the inside of the organization... Italian national Salvatore "Sal" Monella. As always... If Agent 44 is caught or captured, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. will disavow any knowledge of his existence. This Chicken will self-destruct eventually.

What S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Operative “Agent 44” is rumored to look like
Click on the menu above to download a full-sized printable version

At least he's wearing pants... Most of the time
At least he's wearing pants...
( most of the time )

Mmmmmmm... It all looks SOOOOOOOOO good!

     Tuesday, July 28, 2009     

Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchen

Steamed Hard Shell Clams

One of the simplest of life's greatest pleasures.


  • Lots of clams... Size doesn't matter. The fresher the better.
  • Butter.

    Optional Ingredients:

  • Beer, ale stout or wine.
  • Heavy cream, half & half or sour cream.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Chopped red onion.
  • Chopped scallion.
  • Chopped chives.
  • Chopped or sliced garden tomatoes.
  • Lightly steamed fresh corn cur off the cob with the juice from the corn.
  • Chopped or sliced wild mushrooms or even truffles or a drop or two of truffle oil.
  • Fresh garlic lightly browned in a mixture of olive oil and butter.
  • Chopped fresh herbs: thyme, oregano, marjoram, basil etc.
  • Chopped bacon (of course).
  • Homemade croutons or oyster crackers.


1) Scrub the outside of the clam's shells with a stiff brush under running water.
    ( The more effort spent here the better )
2) Sort the clams into piles by sizes if you're doing multiple batches.
3) Put 2-3 cups of hot water per 10 lbs of clams into a steamer pot.
4) Add the clams, cover and turn the heat on high.
5) When the pot begins to boil over, hold the lid on and shake up and down to mix the clams.
6) Turn the heat down and return the pot to the stove.
7) Repeat the "shake" one or two more times before the clams are done.
8) Steam 10 minutes or so... To taste. Check often.
9) Remove the clams and shells to a large bowl to cool slightly.
10) Check bottom of the pot thoroughly for pilots that have ejected.
11) Strain the broth through a fine screen and set aside.
12) Shuck all of the clams into another bowl.
13) Rinse the shucked clams with hot water to remove any possible grit.
14) Divide the clams into serving bowls, top with a pat of butter, cover with hot broth and serve.
15) Add lots of fresh ground black pepper if desired.


Add a splash of beer, ale, stout or wine right before the hot broth. Add some chopped bacon, red onion, chives or all of the above. Add chopped parsley or combination of chopped herbs to the bowl before adding the broth and try stirring in some sour cream, heavy cream or half & half to give it a richer New Englandy kind of taste. Don't get too carried away... You just want a hint of other tastes. Don't overpower your clams. I like a little extra virgin olive oil drizzled in before adding the broth as well. Fresh tomato slices or chucks can add an interesting twist. Feel free to experiment but don't stray too far from simple.


     When I think of summer I think of clamming. The quickest and easiest way to have clams is as Roasters on the grill or steamed and served in a bowl of broth. Steaming up a batch for chowder is a good enough excuse to make a little extra to have right out of the pot. They're a little chewy and the broth is pure "clambrosia". This is one of life's simple pleasures for sure. It's an easy boat or beach meal as well... One pot and one burner or grill and you're in business.


Roasters or Clams on the Grill.

The 28th annual Great Chowder Cook-Off is happening Saturday June 6, 2009 in Newport, Rhode Island. Check out some chowdah.

The Danger Kitchen Uncle Pat's Clam Chowder recipe. Manhattan chowder... The real stuff!

The Danger Kitchen New England Clam Chowder recipe.

The Danger Kitchen Clam Bake in a Large Pot recipe. When you can't get to the beach.

A Potuguese Clam Boil recipe... Danger Kitchen Style.

My Carne de Porco a Alentejana recipe... With input from three great Portuguese cooks.
           ( Pork with Littlenecks )

www.dangerkitchen.com Danger Kitchen has a home.

Danger Kitchen is brought to you by The One-Legged Sandpiper.

By the time we got to Chicken Stock... We were half a million in debt
Tickets available at CHICKETRON

Why is watching Spinning Chicken
like watching a lousy DVD?

When you're done watching all of the other stupid crap...

You watch the TRAILER ! ! !

Who's living there? The Chicken or one of his victims? I bet the town loves this new development

     Wednesday, July 29, 2009     

Free Range or Deranged?
Free Range or DERANGED?

Patty O'Chicken

     Hiya Folks!!! Patty O'Chicken here. I'm made of ground Chicken with the tint of the Emerald Isle and the smell of a Leprechaun's breeches. Spinning Chicken and I are grilling up a load of Blarney at McFarty's restaurant. We're taking a Shillelagh to the town 'o' Dublin here and stayin' open 'till the rainbow reaches the pot 'o' gold sure 'n' begorrah. Come on down and see the lecherous old Leprechaun behind the counter leering at all the women and farting like a ruptured gas main. Saints preserve us Cheif O'Hara... Saints preserve us!

     Thursday, July 30, 2009     

Danger Kitchen
The Danger Kitchen

New England Clam Chowder Recipe

Is finally in the Danger Kitchen Online Cookbook

     When I think of chowder I think of Manhattan clam chowder. When you grow up in New Jersey at the shore, or anywhere else in the state for that matter, Manhattan is the chowder that you eat. When I moved to New England I was subject to bowl after bowl of lousy Manhattan or "Red" chowder as they call it because they put no effort into it. I finally needed to make some for myself and grew to enjoy it if it's done well. Left to my own devices I would still make Manhattan exclusively but Kelly prefers New England or "White" chowder. I also enjoy Rhode Island chowder which is a clear broth. No matter what you have to use fresh clams and it is well worth the effort Clamming to get them.

THAT'S the combo meal???
THAT'S the combo meal???

Maybe I'll have the Chicken Burger

I think my Chicken Burger is a little under cooked!
I think my Chicken Burger is a little under cooked!

     Friday, July 31, 2009     

Try our new Chicken Wings, ¢99 each, both for $1.75

I'll have the Spinning Chicken

Spinning Chicken

The latest rumor around the Leach Field is that Butch Spaz-City and the Sun-Pants Kid, leaders of the Hole in the Butt Gang, have pulled off the great train... I mean trailer... Great TRAILER robbery. If this is true can the posse be far behind? That's... POSSE.

It's Butch Spaz-City and the sun-Pants Kid, leaders of the Hole in the Butt Gang