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The One-Legged Sandpiper


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

   Train Station Grapes   
Click here for a high res picture of the grapes
Train Station Grapes
Part of a Train Station success story

     The grapes in this picture were planted on an arbor built along the Providence Worcester ( "Wusstah" ) railroad tracks behind the Train Station. The area behind the building along the tracks had been a dumping ground for the railroad and occupants of the building forever. When money for renovations ran short, but time was available, the area was cleaned up, graded and landscaped with evergreens, hostas, elephant ears, vinca, rhododendrons, miscellaneous beach plants, beech trees and ferns. The crops planted include the grapes, five varieties in all, rhubarb, baby pumpkins, regular pumpkins and gourds. Most of the easy to move plants have been transplanted to The Church but quite a few still remain including Cartman ( Colorado Blue Spruce ) and Clint ( Black Mountain Spruce ) the Christmas trees. Doug ( Douglas Fir ) didn't make it. The area between the plantings and building is home to the fire pit, wood shed, garden work area, grill area and all of the materials and supplies used to do all of the above. During the spring and summer, it's a cool, shaded grotto that seems a million miles from downtown Danielson. These grapes need to be made into Train Station jelly. It's been twenty years since the last batch of Dock Jelly.

A New Threshold...
Has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, the words "trillion" and "debt" are being bandied about in the same sentence regularly now?
Does anyone else realize how bad this is? Where did our balanced budget go? Where did our budget surplus go?
I miss it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Rain Desert Update

     Bad news for fans of the Rain Desert. Jan has decided to call it quits rather than wait for the executioner's axe. Watch for a Sandpiper special report on the Rain Desert in the near future. Jan will be off to produce concert videos and more in his new digs above the Siri Wire mill.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Spinning Chicken

Spinning Chicken Update

Looks like the whirling twirling, blinking stinking, flapping crapping family restaurant is opening for dinner a few nights during the week. Seems like there should be SOMEBODY there at eight o'clock on a Friday night. Maybe not. I mean... Really?    REALLY???

I guess opening at one or two to catch all of the drunks coming out of the local bars didn't work out. Who would have figured?

The Freaky Fowl is back in Hooterville as of tonight. The Christmas Crap Factory is open for business as well. A one-two punch of retail devastation.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Danger Kitchen
D a n g e r   K i t c h e n

The Dark and Stormy... Danger Kitchen Style

The BEST drink EVER!!!


Goslings Black Seal rum (At least one bottle)
Ginger beer (Goya is nice and spicy)
Orange juice (No pulp is better)
Ice cubes
An interesting glass (Your soon to be favorite Dark & Stormy Glass)


Fill the glass with ice
Fill half the glass with Goslings rum (Don't be stingy, the ice takes up room)
Fill 2/3 of the remaining space with ginger beer
Stir... or at least swirl with your finger
Fill the remaining space in the glass with orange juice
Sip a little out so you can stir again
Make a face if this is your first one of the night (Or day)
Dunk your finger in a few times to swirl the orange juice around
Enjoy the best drink EVER!!!
Worked once... Ought to work again (See Below)


     Rum never used to taste as good as I imagined it could until I discovered Goslings... Thanks to caterer and event planner Aggie Clifford Carmone of Soir‚e Full Service Event Planning. I mean... pirates drank it and all. It must be great right? Then you have your first taste of Bacardi something or other when you're too young to drink legally and it's a huge disapointment until...

Now the huge variety of estate rums available can be daunting. When in doubt... stick with the classics. Goslings is hard to beat. Time to try the Danger Kitchen Rum Cake with Goslings I think.


Visit the Goslings Rum website. Try the "Official" Goslings Rum Dark 'n Stormy recipe (Nowhere near as good). Try one with Goya "Spicy" Ginger Beer after you try one with Barritts' more traditional Bermudian Ginger Beer. The Danger Kitchen Dark and Stormy is more like the version served during events at the Herreshoff Marine Museum in Bristol Rhode Island... but quite a bit stronger. Call Aggie Clifford-Carmone at Soir‚e event planning in case you're planning a big shindig in Rhode Island... Dark and Stormys or Dark 'n Stormys or... Not. Check out the Danger Kitchen section of the One-Legged Sandpiper for a great Rum Cake recipe.


"Worked once... Ought to work again" is my favorite line from the 1974 movie The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds. Check out the Wikipedia entry for Dark 'n Stormys for another opinion about the drink and the making thereof. It was a Dark and Stormy Night when this was written.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Green Side Up
G r e e n    S i d e    U p
The Herb Garden
T h e    H e r b    G a r d e n
I beg your pardon...
   Kelly picking herbs in August   
Click here for a high res picture of Kelly picking herbs at the herb garden in August

   The cold frame under construction   
Click here for a high res picture of the herb garden cold frame under construction
The Herb Garden...
A 23 year success story

     My interest in gardening came from four places. Mrs. Cotch told me all about the yellow snapdragons she always planted along the street next to her house in Ocean Beach, New Jersey when I was seven or eight years old. The Gurney catalog, the National Enquirer of garden catalogs, was another inspiration. When I was eleven or twelve I ordered peanuts and blue potatoes that I planted in the far corner of the back yard on Christol Street in Metuchen, New Jersey. When I returned from Ocean Beach when the summer was over, I was amazed to find some peanuts and blue potatoes waiting for me. A summer of neglect hadn't killed them off. The next time the bug hit me I planted on a much larger scale.
     The source of my next inspiration, I'm pretty sure, was an article in Great Foods Click here for copies of Great Foods Magaine for sale Magazine about French kitchen gardens. I read it through a dozen times, each time becoming more determined to have a garden. I broke ground in what was the hardest, nastiest gravel ever, and by summers end had a bumper crop of everything I could think of including giant corn from the Gurney catalog. The final piece of the puzzle came from a copy of Crockets Victory Garden. The book was inspired by the PBS TV series of the same name. I decided early in the summer of 1985 that I wanted to plant an herb garden in a compartmented raised bed identical to the one pictured above and diagramed below. I finally got around to it this year. There were probably way more important things to do, but this represented a small victory over things in general. A bit of sanity in an overall bad situation.
     What sparked the renewed interest after twenty some years was having access to some herb plants left to fend for themselves at the beach at the end of last season. Having fresh picked parsley, basil and sage became a focus of meal preparation. I know clam chowder tasted better with "Beach Parsley" in it. The basil and sage died off early but the parsley hung in there all winter. I used part of a Home Depot gift card to buy seeds and a few dollars here and there to buy leftover plants and had some seed starter trays and six-packs from previous gardening endeavors so the overall cost was less than $20. We stopped for fresh herbs three times while Kelly was up for summer vacation and I stop once a week still, and before every beach trip.
     I took advantage of some spectacular fall weather Saturday to cut up wood for a cold frame to help winter over the crop as much as possible. I'd like fresh herbs for the Thanksgiving and Christmas batches of chowder... and whatever else springs from the kitchen. I'm pretty sure the pea soup I had tonight tastes better with the fresh thyme and parsley and I can't wait to make a batch of chicken with s**t loads of garlic with fresh tarragon. The diagram below shows what's planted where. The whole raised bed is eight feet wide and four feet deep. The smallest compartments are twelve by twelve inches and the largest are twenty-four by twenty-four inches. Some didn't make it. Most did well. Two didn't get planted at all. Next year will be even better with the cold frame to start early. Who knows... maybe snow peas and tomatoes again. The cages still stand next to the lumber drier. Stay tuned for more Green Side Up.

Number Herb Type
1 Thyme Perennial
2 Rosemary Annual
3 Empty (Cilantro) Annual
4 Basil Annual
5 Lavender
6 Chervil Annual
7 Scallions Annual
8 Parsley (Curled) Perennial
9 Empty Empty
10 Parsley (Flat)
(Beach Parsley)
11 Dill Perennial
12 Chives Perennial
13 Chamomile Perennial
14 Empty (Savory) Annual
15 Tarragon Perennial
16 Oregano Perennial
17 Marjoram Perennial

Danger Kitchen...
Yesterday's recipe is the first new Danger Kitchen recipe published in 8 years, 5 months and 4 days. In the process, I found two unpublished recipes for a 2001 Sandpiper that never was. Stay tuned for a Pumpkin Bread Pudding recipe and Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Chestnuts. Both are outstanding fall/holiday recipes. Seeing as its a miserable rainy day in Danielson and its cold and damp up in the kitchen on the second floor here at the train station, these would be a good excuse to use the oven to warm things up a bit. It's only the first week in October, and too expensive, for heat this early in the season so cooking has to take the chill off. The next recipe up will be Agnes Walter's Ham & Cabbage (Made Friday night). Today it's Danger Kitchen Pea Soup made with leftover broth from the Ham & Cabbage. Danger Kitchen Comfort Food helps make the first Fall kind of weekend very satisfying.

Monday, October 6, 2008


     Make sure you check out the Danielson Adventure Sport's website using the link below. The business, run by Don Dauphenais, is a tenant in the Train Station. Don started with nothing three years ago and... still has most of it left. He has built a respected business in the middle of a retail wasteland... Danielson, Connecticut. Don deserves all of your adventure sports business... and it helps me as well. Click on the DAS logo to visit his excellent website.
Click here to visit the Danielson Adventure Sports website

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

   Kelly and Yoinkie   
Click here for a larger picture of the Kelly and Yoinkie
   Yoinkie at Beechwood   
Click here for a better picture of Yoinkie at Beechwood
   Oh the weather outside is frightful...   
Click here for a better picture of Yoinkie in the snow
Kelly and Yoinkie
Telling jokes at the expense of the pig...let

Click here to visit the Crabs Claw website
     Kelly poses with her friend Yoinkie in the walk-in cooler at the Crab's Claw, just a few minutes from Ocean Beach New Jersey. Yoinkie is on his way to a pig-roast... which, in this case, is NOT sitting around drinking and telling jokes at the expense of the pig. Yoinkie has been a mascot of sorts for years and years. The "real" Yoinkie made an appearance at Astor's Beechwood mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.

It's Crabby
Check out the Crab's Claw in the movie Greetings From The Shore.

The One-Legged Sandpiper

One-Legged Sandpiper Update
Bringin' Back The Old Stuff
The Ocean Beach Surf Club The Beach Walk North page in the Beach section is back. It's one of the first online Sandpiper pages ever.
The Ocean Beach Surf Club The Beach Walk South page in the Beach section is back. It's another one of the first online Sandpiper pages ever.
The Ocean Beach Surf Club The Best Surf Boat Picture Ever is online again. The one was downloaded hundreds of times.
The Ocean Beach Surf Club Take a walk on the Lavallette Boardwalk as of nine years ago. A lot has changed since then.
The Ocean Beach Surf Club The Sunset on Christmas Eve 1998 was a particularly nice one. .
The 1999 Monterey Beach Lifeguard Tournament The 1999 Monterey Beach Lifeguard Tournament page in the Beach section is back again. Check out those 320x240 digital pics.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Paranormal Piper
Paranormal Piper

Ooh... Scary
Providence Ghost Tour
The Piper's Pass to the Paranormal in Providence

   The Providence Skyline From Prospect Terrace Park   
Click here for a better picture of the Providence skyline from Prospect Terrace Park

   The statue of Roger Williams, sitting on top of his... GRAVE!   
Click here for a better picture of Roger Williams from Prospect Terrace Park

Providence Paranormal
A Walking Ghost Tour

     My favorite destination for a sunset walk in Providence is Prospect Terrace Park. The park is located on College Hill on the east side of Providence very close to where the first settlers of Providence, Rhode Island made their home. The park was a town dump at one point and is nor the resting place of the remains of Roger Williams, the founding father of Providence... and Rhode Island it seems. Everything is named after this guy.
     The neighborhood surrounding the park has some amazing sight for fans of architectural classics. Some of the houses date from before the revolutionary war. Brown university and rich people make up most of the inhabitants so that most of the buildings are well maintained. It's worth a walk around the neighborhood at night just to absorb the historic atmosphere. One of the benches in the park is a great place to look west over the Providence skyline and watch the sunset. I did so on two seperate occcasions last week.
     Both nights I noticed a strangely dressed woman and an accomplice standing near the statue of Rogger Williams. They seemed to be rehearsing for a play or some sort of presentation. It wasn't until after a decent size group of people had collected around them that I became curious enough to get up, walk over, and ask.
     The group assembled was there for the Providence Ghost Tour. The tour starts at the park and winds its way around college hill in the darkness. The tour guide tells the local ghost stories as they pass each haunted place. The story starts with tales of Roger Williams reburial in Prospect Terrace Park after being discovered with tree roots growing into his eye sockets and down his body and into his boots nearly replacing his flesh and bones with wood. Seems like a worthwhile way to spend an hour and a half for twelve dollars doesn't it?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Please Vote...

      Make sure your voter registration is current and you are able to vote. Do it NOW!!! Don't assume. This is the most important election EVER!!! The country will not survive another year of imperialists fleecing every cent out of our treasury that they can get their hands on. The closer we get to a landslide victory, the more likely it is that "they" will pull some desperate stunts to derail the process. Their behavior at recent campaign events should be a chilling indication of the ignorant imperialist mindset. Make sure you register and vote. This one is for all the marbles.

Viva la revolution!!!

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/27/99 Sandpiper, #14, is back on line. This seems like the last of the very primitive Sandpipers. They grow in scope and complexity from here on. Slowly mind you... Don't expect Wikipedia for #15. See some shop updates and winter pictures on a somber gray background.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 03/01/99 Sandpiper, #15, is back on line. Trouble with the little red truck, a furniture shop update and a Danger Kitchen recipe.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 03/05/99 Sandpiper, #16, is back on line. See some local snow storm pictures, a furniture shop update and a Danger Kitchen recipe. The issue has the first link to a previous issue.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 03/08/99 Sandpiper, #17 is back on line. The little red truck is retired after 400,000 miles. Ocean Beach has its own web page. Check out the latest shop update and a Danger Kitchen recipe. This was the first "web only" Sandpiper. It was emailed before that.

The One-Legged Sandpiper See what happened in the 03/12/99 Sandpiper, #18, back on line. This was the first Sandpiper published remotely (at the beach). See beach pictures, weather reports, real estate and furniture updates and more. Lots of links in this one... The Sandpiper meets the outside world.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Farmers Market

      I woke up late this Saturday morning... Almost seven o'clock. I was at the Rain Desert until 11:30 or so last night and then spent a few hours editing Sandpiper issues 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18 to get them back on line. That seemed to be reason enough to sleep in. I had coffee and a bagel while checking email and news. After that I set up tools and supplies, next to the tracks behind the building, to complete the individual sections of the cold frame for the herb garden prior to final assembly. The day was off to a good start. The next time I came inside, I added "Ham & Cabbage" to the Danger Kitchen things-to-do list. It was then that I realized I had promised Kelly I would purchase some local Connecticut cabbage from the farmers market to make Ham & Cabbage during the next trip to Ocean Beach. The "cabbage people" told me last weekend that they would be here for at least one more weekend and to get there by 9:00 am or risk not getting any cabbage. It was 9:15.
      I hurried out the door, across the town parking lot, past the Elks club and onto Main Street. I passed the recruiting station and town hall, Old bank and historical society, Church and town green complete with Civil AND World War One memorials. I passed the Knights of Columbus and Bank of America and arrived at the parking lot of the town library. There was my cabbage vendor and eight or ten others with heirloom varieties and organics and more. I bought the last two cabbages for $4.00 and walked back to the Train Station.
      This is small town America working the way it should be working. I had to ignore the unfortunates on the benches on the town green, and the fools driving by on Main Street but... For a brief period in time... everything was perfect. We should be able to walk for five minutes down a Norman Rockwell inspired Main Street to buy locally grown fresh produce. Why is this the only thing that's working right, here in Darwin's Leach Field?


Rain Desert Update

     Last night the Rain Desert was still open and a small group of regulars, or irregulars as the case may be... including myself, sat around talking politics and trivia while soaking up the special atmosphere there as long as we can. The end could come at any time. Stay tuned. Jan will be off to produce concert videos and more in his new digs above the Siri Wire mill.

Spinning Chicken

Spinning Chicken Update

      There seems to be a lot happening at the axis of idiots... also known as the Christmas Crap Factory and the Whirling Twirling, Blinking Stinking, Flapping Crapping Family Restaurant. Señor Dementia's plan to serve dinners three or four nights per week seems to be working. Last night there was actually someone sitting at one of the table with him. The real action is outside the building where a travel trailer has appeared in the parking lot. The pizza place is already thrilled about the laundry, bags of garbage and recyclables, Spinning Chicken sunning himself in a Speedo and steady stream of "visitors" climbing on to the roof from the apartment above the liquor store next to it. I bet they, and the appliance store nearby, can't wait to see what goes on with the trailer. Who will be living there? Will it be the drug dealer recently released from prison? Will it be Spinning Chicken's "son"? Will it be the soon to be homeless man-about-town son of another hapless victim of the axis of idiots? Seems like Catmandoodoo and the Chicken have been thick as thieves lately with three sightings of Catmandoodoo in the Santa Van. Who knows what C. Niles McNasty could be up to next. Check out some great pictures below and stay tuned for more. Maybe even an answer to the question: What about Bubbles?

Will there be any survivors?
   The Whirling Twirling, Blinking Stinking, Flapping Crapping Family Restaurant open for dinner.   
A whirlin and a twirlin. Don't get too close.
   I hear some really scary stuff goes on upstairs.   
Click here for a high resolution version of this picture.
   Looking good from the town parking lot. The laundry and flapping Tyvek is a nice touch. Is that a grill and a chair up on the roof? I bet they love seeing that from the pizza restaurant.   
Click here for a high resolution version of this picture.
   The trailer makes a nice addition to down town Danielson.   
Click here for a high resolution version of this picture... If you dare.
   There's been red and purple Speedo sightings. The purple was a big hit at the pizza restaurant.   

Sunday, October 12, 2008

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/25/99 Sandpiper, #13, is back on line. Lots of interference from a winter storm and plenty of action in the shop.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/22/99 Sandpiper, #12, is back on line. Shop projects and bitter cold are the order of the day.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/21/99 Sandpiper, #11, is back on line. Winter weather and wood heat take up most of this issue. Gotta love those 320x240 pictures.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/20/99 Sandpiper, #10, is back on line. Issues in the double digits... a long time ago. A little shop update, a winter walk, a sunset and a Vermont baked beans recipe well worth making.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/15/99 Sandpiper, #9 #9 #9, is back on line. A shop cleanup is underway and there's time to check out some outside plants during a break in the bad weather.

Click here for a larger version of this picure.
   What!!! Next they'll be wanting to vote or something crazy. My thoughts are as follows: If three circus midgets want to marry a lesbian rabbi, a giraffe and a toaster... If they can work out where to spend the holidays... Why would I not want them to be happy? Can you answer me that? How many heterosexual marriages is this going to destroy? You morons! Put a sock in it before you even get started. I don't want to hear it.   

Danger Kitchen Danger Kitchen

      Did you know that www.dangerkitchen.com is a real website? It points right back here to the Sandpiper BUT... Someday Danger Kitchen will live and breathe on its own. Send recipes... and pictures of the process. For now I have to get all of the old stuff back from oblivion. Please be patient. Have a Dark and Stormy while you're waiting.

   Typo Meir!   
Typo My Ear!

Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchinski

A Sprat Sandwich... Just Like In Old Country

An easy quick meal with the flavor of Eastern Europe
Contributed by Bob Devlin


1 can of Riga Gold smoked sprats ( imported from Latvia )
4 slices soft white bread
Margarine... or softened butter


Spread bread ( both sides ) with margarine or butter to taste
Arrange the sprats across the bread alternating head to tail
Top with remaining bread slice and enjoy


Try topping the sprats with paper thin slices of red onion.

Emergency... Everybody to get from street!


     A few days ago, Bob Devlin asked me if I had ever tried sprats. I hadn't. A sprat or, in this case, a Baltic sprat is a small sardine-like fish that thrives in Eastern European waters. Yesterday he asked me if I'd like to try a sprat sandwich. I'm always interested in foods from different countries so I was eager to try one. I'm hooked... or in the case of the sprats, netted. The rich smoky flavor of the fish is reminiscent of smoked oysters or mussels. The creamy consistency of the fish works well with the soft white bread. Don't mess it up by trying this on some crusty designer bread. This works perfectly just the way it is.
     The sprats used are Riga Gold and are imported from Latvia. This would be perfect with an Anchor Steam, Geary's Pale Ale, Dale's Pale Ale or maybe even an Old Chub Scottish Style Ale. I'm tempted to try a little crumbled blue cheese or gorgonzola on top with some red onion. Maybe shoot it under the broiler for a minute or two to melt the cheese a bit. That might work with some more substantive bread. Bob might consider this heresy but... that's why its called Danger Kitchen now isn't it?


      Visit the Baltic Sprat Wikipedia entry to learn more about the tasty little suckers. For more detailed ( way more ) information about sprats, visit the fishbase.org web page devoted to Sprattus sprattus sprattus. Check out the "Official" Riga Latvia web site and plan a vacation. It looks like a great place to visit.
      Anchor Steam was the first microbrewery product I ever tried. Tom Crowe brought some back from San Francisco when he visited his sister in 1977. It's been one of my favorites ever since. I tried Geary's Pale Ale with blackened ( aquaculture ) salmon in the Cannery Restaurant in Eastport, Maine in 1987. It was my first taste of farm raised fish, a new industry to Eastport, and my first taste of Geary's. You have to serve it in a pilsner glass or it doesn't taste like much at all. Eastport is as "Down East" as you can get. The Canadian radio station you get there is in a different time zone. That meal was so great I was back again a few days later for the best baked stuffed lobster until Johnnies on the Beach in Newport, Rhode Island... and more Geary's Pale Ale.
      My liquor store owner friend in Easthampton, CT was happy to oblige my request for Geary's and had a frequent steam of customers ask for it including a truck driver from Georgia that was delivering parts to the Connecticut Yankee Nuke plant on the Connecticut River near by. Unfortunately it seems the Cannery has been replaced by the Eastport Chowder House. They have a cheesy looking crab or lobster logo but... they give latitude, longitude and GPS coordinates on the home page so... maybe they don't suck. Maybe. The Waco Diner seems to have suffered the same fate. It was one of the great breakfast places near the water. As good as Blacked-Eyed Susan's on Nantucket. I ate there in 1988. I remember it like it was yesterday.
      Oskar Blues Cajun Grill and Brewery in Lyons, Colorado brews Dale's Pale Ale and Old Chub Scottish Style Ale and puts the results in cans. CANS you say!!! Yes cans. It works... Trust me. Both are delicious.
Riga Gold Smoked Sprats from Latvia


"Everybody to get from street" is my favorite line from the 1966 movie The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming with Alan Arken, Jonathan Winters and a bunch of other great actors.

Sorry about the busy background. They're sprats... lots of them. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

   It's coming up on 16 months since Pork Chop disappeared. Kelly took these pictures of him with her phone.   

   Porker seems quite pleased with himself in this picture. We were certainly quite pleased with Pork Chop.   

Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture


      The third location for the One-Legged Sandpiper was adirondackstyle.net. It was my first domain. The first Sandpiper was an AOL personal website (igyirhltd) in 1998 and the second was an EarthLink personal website (igyirhltd.earthlink.net). The site was designed to showcase the furniture I was making and provide news and information for anyone who cared. So many of the links in the Sandpiper archives point back to adirondackstyle.net that I decided to see if it was still available. It was... and here it is again. It still needs to be debugged and restored but... It's back. I'm excited any way.


State Of The Situation

What I Like About Fall

      The sound geese make while they're flying south. How much extra energy do they expend "Honking" for a thousand miles? When you're flying a foot from your neighbor's wingtip, there doesn't seem to be much chance of getting lost.

      The first smell of smoke from a wood stove or fireplace. There's just something comforting about it. Like the smell of "Grandmother's house" after going "Over the river and through the woods" to get there.

      The opportunity to pick my own pumpkins and apples and all sorts of other things. I never do that, but I like the idea that I can if I want to.

      20 varieties of apples in the supermarket. Some have less, some have more. I've tried them all. I buy red delicious mostly.

      Bags of mixed nuts. They're around all year but I never think about them until the fall. I think they should reduce the ratio of Brazil nuts.

      Hay bales and corn stalks in every store. I think I'd be more inclined to buy a computer that was nestled in a hay bale.

      Winter squash. Some of the only truly colorful food available to the average American consumer.

      Stacking firewood into nice neat piles. There's something satisfying about seeing a wood shed jammed full of neatly stacked alternating rows of split firewood. And none of that mess around on the ground either. No bark or woodchips in the grass.

      The first fire in the wood stove in the shop.

      The first nap in the chair in front of the wood stove. It usually happens around four o'clock in the afternoon as the last sunlight streams in the windows through the bare tree branches.

      The warm spot in the shop near the stove. It's a great place to dry boots and gloves and there's a small shelf type thing on top to keep coffee or tea warm.

      Putting the garden up for the winter. Digging up and storing bulbs. Mulching the less hearty plants to protect them from frost heaves. Pulling the dead annuals and planning next year's plantings. Draining and storing all of the hoses and sprinklers and such. I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much. Maybe knowing there's always the chance to do it over again next year.

      Walking through leaves on the ground. That's the excuse I use not to rake them up as soon as they've fallen from the trees.

      The earthy smell of the ground in the fall. It's most noticeable under a pile of leaves that's just been raked after sitting around for a bit.

      The first time the ground is hard from freezing. It seems to make each step spring off the ground ever so slightly more for not sinking in.

      Hearing the wind whip piles of leaves against each other and the sides of the house. Also seeing the action from inside the warm cozy wood shop. Unless you're right at the windows you can't hear the rustling. It's like a silent movie.

      The smell of stew and soup cooking or a crock pot full of baked beans when you come in from the cool fresh air outside. Sometimes it's worth throwing a batch of bread in the bread machine just to smell it baking. It never seems to go to waste.

      Did you notice one that mentioned the sight, sound or smell of huge amounts of progress being made in the shop or on the house? I didn't either.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


      You aren't from around here are ya? I like doing some research before I travel someplace new. I like to know what to expect, where to go, what to do and how to do it when I get there. I don't like over planning but... I dislike feeling like a "furiner". Yafahay.com is a concept that was born years ago and never ripened. The domain was registered the other day thanks to godaddy.com credit and hopefully will stand on its own some day. Right now the domain points back to the Sandpiper. Eventually it will be a library of day trips and more. Sailing and kayaking and hiking and fishing information that will get you to the best spots just like the locals. The idea is an homage to Charlie's Charts by Charles and Margo Woods.

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 03/20/99 Sandpiper, #19, is back on line. Lots of furniture pictures in this one AND... adirondackstyle.net is born. Perfect timing since it was registered again just a few days ago, after all these years.
The One-Legged Sandpiper The 03/28/99 Sandpiper, #20, is back on line. The Piper is out of its teens. Issue 20 marks the onset of puberty for the Sandpiper. Issue 20 has a table of contents, the first Here's The Church section, and the first Here's the Steeple section AND... It's the first multi-page Sandpiper. Check it out!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/14/99 Sandpiper, #8, is back on line. Setting up tools and taking a sunset walk; a typical Sunday at the Church.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/13/99 Sandpiper, #7 is back on line. More tools set up, an I-beam under construction and a primitive Danger Kitchen recipe. A great way to spend a Saturday nine years ago.

Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchen

Ham and Cabbage... Danger Kitchen Style

A traditional Irish meal... and more


Cooks shank portion ham (The biggest one you can get)
2-3 heads of cabbage.
3-5 pounds of white potatoes.


Skin the ham and trim off a lot of the fat.
Rinse the ham well in hot water.
Put the ham in a very large pot and cover with hot water.
Place on high heat until boiling, reduce heat and simmer for at least two hours.
Trim, core and quarter the heads of cabbage.
Wash, trim and peel the potatoes (Peeling is optional).
Put the potatoes and cabbage in the pot with the ham and return to a rolling boil.
Reduce the heat and simmer until the cabbage and potatoes are tender... about 40 minutes.
Turn off the heat when done. The pot can sit for an hour before serving and still be hot enough.
Best served in large bowls with plenty of the broth on the side. Should serve 15 hungry people. Use a big spoon to dig out chunks of ham and cabbage and potatoes for each bowl. Cut up the ham and cabbage and mash the potatoes before covering with hot broth. Its great all mixed together.


     Agnes Walter made the first batch of Ham and Cabbage I ever had. It was explained to me in great detail by her granddaughter Kelly Walter. I have to admit it didn't make too much sense at the time. The urge to make it into a New England Boiled Dinner was strong. Once I tasted it though I was convinced. Agnes Walter came over on a ship from county Cork in Ireland when she was eight. She's been here close to eighty years since then and has been making ham and cabbage the traditional way since the first time she made it. I have to admit that I put onions and carrots in a batch once as a test. Kelly was not amused. The results were not improved. Why try and change perfection?
     Agnes Walter uses a slightly different method. She doesn't cook the ham for quite as long and cooks the peeled potatoes separately. This may be due to her not having a large enough pot at the beach house. I've added some procedural enhancements to the process that extend the pleasure to additional meals. I slice a ham steak or two off a large ham shank to make Ham Steaks and Mashed Potatoes with. If you have a large enough pot, you have way more broth than you can use serving the ham and cabbage. Save the extra broth and freeze it if necessary. The broth makes the perfect base for pea soup instead of water. Don't be tempted to add any salt though, the broth is briny enough.

Look for a recipe for Ham Steaks and Mashed Potatoes soon.


Visit the Cooks Ham website.
Learn about County Cork by reading the Wikipedia entry.

Boat Notes:

This is actually a great meal to make on a boat for a number of reasons. Cabbage can stay fresh at room temperature for quite a few days. Cabbage can stay fresh for a month or more under refrigeration. Potatoes can last for weeks with no refrigeration. Ham is relatively forgiving when it comes to refrigeration. The whole meal is made in one pot. Seagulls will fight over the ham fat and skin. Crabs will be attracted to the ham trimmings. The ham is great on sandwiches for lunch, or egg sandwiches or omelets for breakfast... or cold right out of the cooler or refrigerator for that matter in rough weather.

Stay tuned for a Ham and Cabbage Soup recipe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The One-Legged Sandpiper The Comment, Contribute or Subscribe form from the original adirondackstyle.net website is back online. Use it to send comments, suggestions, threats or promises to and/or about The One-Legged Sandpiper. Subscribe to any future email announcements here as well.

and pathological believers

      I've had to deal with some epic liars in my day; Ken Dumond, Carl Stilwell, Jennifer Baker, Rich Wessell, even my own father (probably one of the worst). One of the things I've learned about these losers is that they tend to be guilty of what they most vehemently accuse others of doing... Almost without fail.
      Republicans seem to fall into this category. They bang their drums and wave their flags and say that Democrats are going to spend too much money and raise our taxes. My property taxes have increased dramatically and no one could have wasted more money than George Bush, their savior (at least as of four and eight years ago). We started his infestation of the president's office with a budget surplus but have added trillions to the national debt since then. They say democrats are weak on defense yet Osama bin Laden waited until George Bush was in office to launch his most successful attack. Is it possible that this unfettered debt orgy and alienating ourselves planet wide was all part of the plan? The past eight years have certainly weakened our country in every way I can think of.
      The Republicans say that Democrats are for wealth redistribution... yet during the past eight years we've had to pay the same amount of taxes while people that already make money faster than they can spend it have been able to pay less tax than us percentage wise. Then... when they have lost most of the trillions, that you and I have had to ante up tax wise and they didn't have to pay, they want us to ante up again to bail out investment banks and such to the tune of almost a trillion dollars again. This certainly sounds like redistribution of wealth to me. What amazes me is that for every liar there are a gaggle of believers that fall for it again and again. People seem to hate the truth. Liars seem to know this.

Spinning Chicken

Spinning Chicken Update

Speaking of liars... Fans of the Freaky Fowl have a do-not-miss Spinning Chicken opportunity. Apparently due to the amazing success of the Whirling Twirling, Blinking Stinking, Flapping Crapping Family Restaurant (or total lack of planning), Spinning Chicken must drive the Santa Van to Big Y every day for some sort of supplies. The routine is almost always the same: He arrives back at the insane asylum and drives up to the back door to unload the food stuffs. He calls to the kitchen in a psychotic anger-management-training-needed voice two or three times before lapsing into a Jo Anne Worley hanging-out-of-her-hatch-in-the-wall-on-Laugh-In warble that sounds like a drunken opera star. It just has to be heard to be believed.

The trailer is rumored to be a $400 purchase made just because it was too good of a deal to pass up. No one is sure who is living in it yet but... the lights are on every night and the TV antenna is up. Maybe Catmandoodoo has taken up residence. A visit from the code enforcement officer or building inspector should spoil the party any day now but until then... The boys have a club house.

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/12/99 Sandpiper, #6, is back on line. A cold gray day working on the lumber dryer, making a dump run and cleaning up inside before a Danger Kitchen dinner... The first Danger Kitchen ever?
The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/11/99 Sandpiper, #5, is back on line. Lots of lumber dryer activity but no Danger Kitchen.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Richie Weasel Rich Weasel Update
Tales of a pathological liar in Darwin's Leach Field

Click here to see a much bigger version of Danielson Weirdo Facts Part 6: Rich Wessel       I walked in to the Sunnyside Farms convenience store a few nights ago to get my lottery tickets... just in case. The "girls" behind the counter seemed very animated that night. The reason was soon revealed to me. They had received a copy of the small newsletter shown to the left: Danielson Weirdo Facts Part 6: Rich Wessell. This seemed to make their day. When I was offered the opportunity to read said pamphlet, I could see why. FINALLY... The truth about this despicable loser has floated to the surface.

      Rich lies even when there is no reason to... and he's not smart enough to remember who he tells what so he's constantly at odds with his own stories. The most recent example of this was an encounter I had in the Danielson Historical Society. Rich had informed one of the volunteers there that he owned the Rain Desert building, the Times Square, Danielson Inn and the Palladium in Worcester. Rich's dad actually owns (So far) the Rain Desert building, one fifth of the Times Square, a portion of the Danielson Inn (Currier building) and Rich once worked at the Palladium. He (Rich's dad) would own half of the Times Square if it wasn't for Rich blowing the money for the down payment and not telling Bob Bolton until the day before the closing. Rich had promised the Historical Society that he could restore the plaster on the ceilings of their beautiful building. I informed them that they would be best not to let him in the front door.

      Beware of this low life. He will tell you a plausible (unless you're really paying attention to details) story and you may be tempted to trust him with some money. Don't even consider it... Not even a quarter. He will steal anything he can get his hands on for cigarette money. Let the smell of cat urine be your warning.

      The latest episode with the police for Ritchie Weasel was a few nights ago when he tried to padlock the gates of the Rain Desert. Add this to the arrests for assault, passing bad checks and motor vehicle offenses and you have jail bait on the hoof. It's just a matter of time until his corrupt existence catches up with him and he is beaten up, jailed or... sleeps with the fishes.

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/07/99 Sandpiper, #4, is back on line. Shop progress, a wood delivery, a snow storm and the first Sandpiper audio ever.
The One-Legged Sandpiper The 04/05/99 Sandpiper, #21, is back on line. A table of contents, inside and outside activity, local pictures, a lake cottage nearby for sale, the bell tower, two danger kitchen recipes AND... Playing with pictures with MS Paint.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/06/99 Sandpiper, #3, is back on line. Back when the Piper was an email. It wasn't even called the One-Legged Sandpiper. Try Hooterville Happenings or News From the Front for a name. This one really gets back to the roots.
The One-Legged Sandpiper The 04/12/99 Sandpiper, #22, is back on line. See some technical facts about sandpipers; a recipe for Fern Bar Sauce, another Here's the Church section, an HTML lesson, sunset pictures and some history of the Jersey Shore in addition to the regular stuff.

Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchen

Hot Buttered Rum

A great fall drink with a pirate flair


>   3 shots of good rum.
>   Apple cider (almost boiling).
>   Lemon slice.
>   Cinnamon stick.
>   3-5 whole cloves.
>   Pat of butter. >  


>   Put the rum in a large tankard, stein or mug.
>   Add the cinnamon stick, lemon slice, cloves and butter.

>   Pour the hot cider over all.

>   Serve while telling stories around a fire.


     This was one of my first ever takes-some-effort-to-make drinks. The first ever was a whiskey sour. The first time I tried these was a dark and stormy (no relation) night in Ocean Beach, New Jersey. We could hear the surf pounding and the wind howling. The comforting warmth of this drink can make all of that seem trivial.
     Goslings Black Seal rum works well for this recipe. Bacardi 151 is fine also; just adjust quantities to taste. Don't... under any circumstances... use Craptain Morgan. That's not really rum any way.


Visit the Goslings Rum website.
Wikibooks.org has a Hot Buttered Rum Recipe that looks interesting. I haven't tried it or the thousand others online. I like mine.

Boat Notes:

     This recipe can be adapted easily for making under way in rough weather , which is the perfect time for one of these. You can put all of the ingredients including, or except, the rum in individual covered containers to heat on the stove or in the microwave as needed. The lemon slice gets a little ugly after few hours in storage but still tastes fine. Add rum just before serving for a stronger drink. Best not to start drinking these if you're more than an hour from anchoring for the night.

Spinning Chicken

Spinning Chicken Update

      Fans of the Freaky Fowl will love this one. As mentioned earlier in the month; Spinning Chicken and Rich Weasel have been thick as thieves lately. Now part of the reason has floated to the surface. As payback for the aborted attempt to padlock the Rain Desert parking lot, Rich Weasel decided to sell off some of the restaurant fixtures (for cash no doubt) to Spinning Chicken. The Whirling Twirling, Blinking Stinking, Flapping Crapping Family Restaurant must be so successful that they need more equipment to serve the throngs of satisfied customers.
      The Freaky Fowl and his henchmen showed up with a rental truck to collect said property this afternoon and were rebuffed by Jan. Apparently Spinning Chicken even called 911 during the fracas. Dumb and dumber strike yet again. Best of all... Let's see Spinning Chicken try and get his money back from Rich Weasel. Ya just can't make this stuff up.
Sorry We're Open... but not as much as you'll be if you eat there.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The Back Issues page is up and on the menu to the left. The Sandpiper didn't just drop out of the sky. It was hundreds of pages of stuff almost ten years ago and is just starting to get back online now. Check out some of the early stuff and experience the metamorphosis. Feel free to comment or contribute as well. There are links for that everywhere.

Freedom FROM Religion

      Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told a fundraiser in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Thursday night: "We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation," she said. We all know what this really means. The map below illustrates the concept. It was attached to an email gag in the form of an open letter to Canada. It suggested that Canada join with the "blue" states to form a new world super power, leaving the rest of the place to become Jesusland. The reasoning behind this was that most of the financial and intellectual might of this country is concentrated in said blue states. It was a good gag and parts of it certainly ring true.

      One of the rights we have in this country is freedom of religion. A right we need is freedom FROM religion. I don't care what or who or how you worship if that's your pleasure. Do not try and force me to comply with whatever you decide your religion compels you to do or not do. It's got nothing to do with me. If you truly believe whatever it is you claim to believe, then you shouldn't care that I don't. I think one of the reasons that one religion tends to be intolerant of another (or none) is that as long as everyone goes along with the plan, its easier to pretend yourself. Doubt leads to doubt. Don't expect, or require, me to pretend along with you. If you can't believe hard enough... That's your problem.

Jesus Land

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Click here to see the Obamatron4000 up close
Technology comes through again... Just in time!

      We can be thankful that a patriotic pro-America scientist named George "Fox" Palin McLimbaugh has invented a machine that can translate Senator Barack Obama's speech into easily understood language so we no longer have to rely on newspapers, TV news programs, radio broadcasts, video and audio tape and their fact based agendas. All we need to do is feed a statement from Senator Obama into the hopper and the Obamatron4000 will translate it into the truth. It has multiple translation settings including Carl Rove, George Bush, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Fox News. See the amazing demonstration results below. Isn't technology wonderful?
I'm Barack Obama and I probably wouldn't approve of this message
"We need a comprehensive plan

to withdraw combat troops from

Iraq so we can finish the job

we started in Afghanistan"
Click here to see the Obamatron4000 up close
"As soon as

I'm elected president

I will retreat from Iraq

and surrender to the French"

Austin McCain... Yeah Baby! Yeah Baby!!!

Danger Kitchen The Danger Kitchen Click here for the Danger Kitchen online cookbook page is back online after a long hunger strike. Find all your Danger Kitchen favorites and check back often for new ones. Look for a new format in the near future. It is time to remodel the Kitchen.

Two Eighty Three Nine

What could this possibly mean?

      Driving on route 6 East in Johnston, Rhode Island this morning I noticed that the price to beat was $2.83 9/10. It seems to me that the last time such a dramatic price drop occurred George H. W. Bush was running against Bill Clinton. Hmmmm.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Favorite Martian
How many times...

and other colorful non sequiturs
      I miss Ross Perot running for office. He could always be counted on to answer a legitimate question with some ridiculous down-home non sequitur delivered with the confidence and conviction of someone that actually knew what they were talking about.

"Mr. Perot... Would you consider ratifying the North American Free Trade Agreement?"

"NAFTA!!! How many times do I have to tell ya... Ya caint take a dead woodchuck, put it in a bushel basket, set fahr to it and call it fruit salad. It caint be dun... Next question!"

"Mr. Perot... Does Mikael Gorbachev..."

"Gorbachev's like Ester Williams sleep walkin' down a rumble strip of pine cones wearin' titanium skivvies... I'll show HIM how to do his laundry!!!"

How could you argue with answers like that?

S C A L E    C O A S T


      I've been building scale models since I was able to remember. First plastic kits, then scratch built. Boats, ships, airplanes and buildings are my favorite subjects. Scalecoast.com will eventually be an outlet for model building endeavours. Right now it's just parked here at the One-Legged Sandpiper. Watch for model features in the near future.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Click here to see the Obamatron4000 up close
Technology comes through again... Just in time!

I'm Barack Obama and I probably wouldn't approve of this message
"We need to improve the educational opportunities for all Americans,

including English emersion classes, to

remove economic and language barriers that limit

achievement for some of our citizens."
Click here to see the Obamatron4000 up close
"As soon as

I'm elected president,

Muslim terrorist homos will be

teaching evolution and sex education to American children.

Austin McCain... Yeah Baby! Yeah Baby!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Green Side Up
G r e e n    S i d e    U p
The Herb Garden
T h e    H e r b    G a r d e n
Click here for a high res picture of Kelly picking herbs at the herb garden in August
   The cold frame was completed just in time. Monday night saw our first hard freeze.   

Click here for a better picture of the herbs
   Inside even the basil is still fresh and green. Success in small increments.   
The Herb Garden...
Still producing after hard frosts

     The herb bed has become a small island of success in a sea of turmoil. The cold frame was completed just in time Sunday. Sunday night was cold, but Monday night was the first hard freeze. Tuesday night I stopped to pick fresh herbs for the beach trip and everything was as fresh and green as a day in August. Every day that goes by now we lose something that is symbolic of summer so... every time I can pick fresh herbs from now on seems like a small victory.
     The next task will be to carefully dig up the annuals and pot them for life inside until spring. Two Rosemary plants are a definite. I may make a judgIent call on a few others. They all might not be hardy this far north and... It might be nice to have thyme and parsley for the important clam chowders and tarragon for C.W.S.O.G. I always try and make chowder for Thanksgiving and Christmas or New Years. We didn't get to put up as many clams this year so we'll have to ration them carefully. Herbs we'll have plenty of.

Number Herb Type
1 Thyme Perennial
2 Rosemary Annual
3 Empty (Cilantro) Annual
4 Basil Annual
5 Lavender
6 Chervil Annual
7 Scallions Annual
8 Parsley (Curled) Perennial
9 Empty Empty
10 Parsley (Flat)
(Beach Parsley)
11 Dill Perennial
12 Chives Perennial
13 Chamomile Perennial
14 Empty (Savory) Annual
15 Tarragon Perennial
16 Oregano Perennial
17 Marjoram Perennial

Get Ready!
It's going to be ugly.

      The latest polls, and the record early voting turnout, seem to indicate that Barack Obama will be our next president. I feel that this is our only chance of continued survival as a country. I base this on looking at where we were when Bill Clinton left office versus where we are now. It's a painfully obvious conclusion.
      We need to brace ourselves for the endless S**t-storm of evil bile from the systemically corrupt malevolent juggernaut that the Republican party has become. They will feel justified in their actions because they feel they are somehow entitled to continue plundering the future from what's left of the middle class while their armies of jug-eared mouth-breathin', bible-bangin' automatons line up and march to oblivion waving a flag behind the party mouth pieces not realizing they're being sold down the river as well. The zombies will gladly sacrifice themselves like lemmings as long as someone they feel superior to is being deprived of life, liberty or happiness. Watch out. They may come off like the back row of the corn field on Hee Haw but make no mistake. They are mean and they feel they can do anything to anyone they don't approve of. They will lie to and about anyone and anything to further their selfish cause.

Get ready! It's going to be ugly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

   Fall at the Rez   
Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

Click here for a larger version of this picture

The Rez
Fall at it's best

     These pictures were taken at Wauregan Reservoir, also known as Quinebaug Pond State Park, just a few minutes drive from the Train Station in downtown Danielson. The opportunities to experience "The Rez" in all its glory become scarcer as fall approaches. It's a beautiful spot any time of year, but nothing soothes the need for nature in short notice like an afternoon paddle around the perimeter in a kayak. Fish were still feeding on the late season insects swarming in clouds in the warm spots left as the sun slowly drops behind the hills to the west. I never get tired of taking pictures of the Rez. This is one of the best places in Killingly, CT.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The first Warm Wet Software programming project in quite a while is underway. It's nothing special... Just a color browser for use on the One-Legged Sandpiper but I've been wanting to write one for years. Watch for slow and steady progress on the Piper Color Browser.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anticipation and Expectation

Happy Birthday to me!

      Every year since 1980 or so I've made a point of spending the week that my birthday falls in at the beach. This year is no exception. Some years the weather is more like summer than fall. Some years the weather is brutal and stormy. Some years there are lots of people around. Some years just me.
      I start the week with some plans, or milestones, in mind but I've learned not to let expectations lead to disapointment. I can usually get the last swim in the ocean this week. Getting your hair all the way wet sometimes has to count. The last day with bare feet usually happens this week as well. That is: walking up the beach with coffee; walking on the beach to collect stuff; sitting up in a chair or laying on a blanket, all with bare feet. Daylight savings time changes everything this week. The long shadows from the beachfront houses reach you by four O'clock in the afternoon and the cold arrives well before that.
      There are other signs that summer is over. The seagulls become very needy. They flock to anyone walking up the beach with anything that looks like food. There's a steady stream of big cruising sailboats filtering down out of northern waters heading for more sun and warmth farther south. Trucks and fisherman monopolize the beach. The speed limits get raised ten miles per hour on the north and south highways. The roads are pretty deserted... Even on Friday night. It's time to put the storm windows in and take the awnings down. Time to test the heat any way. Time to keep everything secured outside. You never know when the wind will pick up from now on.
      There's still plenty to look forward to though. The last clamming probably won't happen but there's clams and broth in the freezer. I want to get out in the kayak a last time if only to test my new kayak seat. The first new one in ten years. The first boardwalk walk without encountering another soul. The first walk up the beach and not seeing anyone north to south as far as the eye can see.
      Beach people can be more in tune with the cyclical nature of life. Sunrise and sunsets. Seasons. Tides. Bird migration and fishing seasons. Every rhythm or cycle can be a cause for lament or celebration. The celebration should be the fact that it is happening and you are there to observe it. It could be way worse. You could be parked in front of a big screen TV and the only indication that life has changed around you is a different sporting even on or the sounds of the equipment that your lawn care company is using.
      So what all this means is that today is cold and rainy and windy. I'm looking forward to coffee in a Sponge Bob mug and the first walk up the beach. I can't wait to get the rest of the storm windows in and test the heat just to take the chill off. Kelly is looking forward to catching a giant striper and found two blue and one purple sea glass yesterday. Life at the beach holds limitless possibilities. Happy birthday to me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The One-Legged Sandpiper Some issues with the September, 2008 page have been corrected and that page displays properly now. September doesn't have a calendar though. That wasn't added until early this month. Slow and steady progress.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Danger Kitchen
Danger Kitchen

Kelly's Garlic Crabs

Way better than Bum Rogers


> One dozen blue claw crabs cleaned ( see notes below ).
> Butter.
> Olive oil.
> 1/2 red onion finely chopped.
> 1/4 bunch parsley chopped.
> 1 head of garlic peeled and minced.
> 1/4 cup parmesan cheese.
> White wine ( optional ).


> Melt 2-3 tablespoons of butter in a large skillet.
> Add 1/4 cup of olive oil and the onion.
> Stir the onion on medium heat until transparent,
> Add the garlic and parsley, turn the heat down and cover for a few minutes.
> Mix well and add the crabs, turning to coat them well.
> Add more olive oil, butter or wine as necessary.
> Cover and reduce heat to low for 2-3 minutes.
> Sprinkle with parmesan cheese, turn off heat. Cover until ready to serve.
> Serve in bowls with good bread and ice cold white wine or beer.
> Leftovers keep for a day or two and can be served over pasta, or as is.


     Quite a few years ago a small kitten became trapped in a Maryland style crab trap a few streets over. I heard his cries for days before I found him. He was probably only two months old and it was a cold February and I was amazed he had survived. I got bit by him and had to get rabies shots because my dad didn't want to risk the kitten peeing in the bathroom where the cat in the trap was sitting in the bath tub until animal control could come capture him for quarantine. He made the guy take the kitten in the trap locked in the bathroom outside to put in the cage to take to quarantine and the cat not wanting any part of it made an easy escape. $2,500.00 worth of rabies shots later I had a crab trap to show for my trouble. The cat was fine and I can juggle rats for ten years if I so choose but that has nothing to do with crabs.

     Kelly wanted to try the trap so we put it in Barnegat Bay near where Cantaloupe the sailboat was moored and pulled in at least a dozen or more every time we set the trap. There's almost nothing better than sitting down to a meal of crabs and they quickly became a staple last-night-at-the-beach meal before I had to head back up north. One winter day after we were out of frozen crabs we stopped at Bum Rogers in Seaside Park. Bums has always been known for two things: Serving minors at the bar and... Serving the best crabs on the island. The garlic crabs we had that day were great. That meal made the whole beach trip and Kelly was able to reproduce, and improve on, the recipe with crabs she bought from the Crab Shack on Mantoloking road on day on a whim. This recipe is that recipe.

     We returned to Bums a year or two ago when the supply of crabs ran out and hoped to recreate the magic of the previous experience there. It was not to be. I would go so far as to say it sucked... Big time! The place was filthy. Everything felt greasy ( and I am far from fussy ) and sticky. Worst of all the crabs were lousy. We vowed never again and haven't since. We've been meaning to try the Seaside Crab House in the old Aztec motel on the boardwalk but... finances have been tight for longer than I care to remember. The good news is... It was a banner year for crabs so we dined on garlic crabs when Kelly came up to Connecticut for 2008 summer vacation. The Seaside Crab House says they have jumbos so we may have to splurge soon. The last time we had jumbos was at Skeeters restaurant in the Tuckerton Seaport Museum for Kelly's birthday about three years ago. Skeeters is gone now unfortunately so we need to find a new seafood eatery.

     Preparing crabs for garlic crabs is easy, but may not be for the squeamish. If your crabs are fairly lethargic they can be cleaned alive. This is not as cruel as it sounds since Mr. Crabby is separated from his brain in about a second so it's as effective as the guillotine and way better than the electric chair or lethal injection. Flip the crab over and pin his ( They should all be males, throw the girls back ) claws down. Lift up the pointed hatch-like structure on the underside of the crab and pull it towards the rear of the crab. Place your thumbs on the lower and upper shells at this juncture and pull the two apart, removing the top shell from the crab in one quick motion. Remove the feathery gills and rinse out the remaining miscellaneous guts under cold water. Break the bottom shell in half leaving two pieces each with three legs, a claw and a flipper. These "clusters" are ready to go into garlic crabs or the freezer.

     If you don't want to clean the crabs alive you can plunge them into boiling water to kill them and remove them immediately to clean or you can steam them. Place them crabs in as small a covered pot as will hold them. Put in a cup of cold water or wine or a 12 oz. beer. Cover the pot and turn the heat on low. The slowly increasing heat should make the crabs become drowsy and they should expire quietly. As soon as the pot starts venting steam, rinse them in cold water and clean as above. Be aware that you may hear them banging on the inside of the pot for way longer than you would like. Some times they don't go quietly.


Visit a Bum Rogers web page.
Try the Seaside Crab House instead and let me know what you think.

Boat Notes:

This is another great meal to make on a boat for a number of reasons. If you're in the right place at the right time, you should be able to catch enough crabs without any difficulty. The whole dish can be made with one pan on a grill or any kind of stove and a cutting board. The leftovers can be added to pasta for lunch the next day and... It's a great meal no matter where you serve it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One-Legged Sandpiper Update

Bringin' Back The Old Stuff

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/05/99 Sandpiper, #2, is back on line. This one wasn't even called the One-Legged Sandpiper yet. News From The Front was about work on the wood shed.

The One-Legged Sandpiper The 02/04/99 Sandpiper, #1, is back on line. Wood shed and shop projects and planting snow peas.

The One-Legged Sandpiper Don't forget the Back Issues link on the left. See all the old stuff there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Opportunity didn't get a chance to knock

Austin McCain... Yeah Baby!

Yeah Baby!!!

When the world is a monster
Bad to swallow you whole
Kick the clay that holds the teeth in
Throw your trolls out the door


Click here for a larger version of this picture
   Stormy October Day   

Click here for a larger version of this picture
   Beachcombing Results   

Purple Sea Glass
   Purple Sea Glass... The Rarest Of All... So Far   

The Value of One Hand Clapping
Wealth and Riches in the Post Apocalyptic World

     These pictures were taken at Ocean Beach, New Jersey after a beach walk. I've been taking beach walks since I was old enough to remember. My Aunt Em McNally showed me what sea glass was and didn't need to explain why it was important to collect it. I just knew... And have been doing it ever since. Kelly and I collect sea glass every time we walk on the beach. We try and get at least a short walk in every day that the weather allows. We look for anything of interest but mostly sea glass and "purples". Purples are pieces of shells that have purple on them. They can be holy purples if they have holes bored in them, orange purples if they have orange as well as purple, and the rarest of all: holy orange purples.
     We have a protocol that has evolved for the process. When you find a piece of glass you call out the color, show it if it's a particularly good piece, and pocket the results. "Purple!" means a purple and gets handed to Kelly. It's not competitive per say but... Can get a little dicey when blues or other rare colors are involved, like reds or yellows or purple glass. Kelly's victory dance would look right at home in the end zone of a football field.
     There should probably be a beachcombing program on the Travel Channel. I'd watch that before I'd watch any reality TV or sports. It seems to be a very noble activity... existing for its sake and not requiring any special equipment. I suppose after a beachcombing show was launched that some one would start selling beachcombing attire and gear and there would eventually be competition between professionals and that would suck all of the fun right out of it so maybe we better leave well enough alone .
     Beachcombing plays a significant part in The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford. There are a number of reasons that this is one of my favorite movies; mostly the scenes where the family survives on the beach by beachcombing, which brings me to the point of all this. Recent events may tend to indicate that the apocalyptic end of civilization as we know it is only a few percentage points away from where we are now. The election next Tuesday could bring us that much closer in a big hurry if it goes the wrong way. In the post apocalyptic world, it seems likely that sea glass may be the new currency. If that's the case... I'm the new world's Warren Buffet.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Click here for a closeup of this motot yacht.
A Sign Of The Times
In more ways than one.

     Like migrating birds, changing leaves and putting in storm windows; one of the things that mark the pending arrival of winter at the beach is the steady stream of cruising yachts parading by as they empty out of the northern waters. The migration starts somewhere right around Labor Day and continues on into the depth of winter. The heartiest live-aboards stay North long enough to watch the leaves change, have Thanksgiving, participate in the Christmas Stroll on Nantucket island or just aren't in a hurry to leave a favorite spot.
     For as long as I can remember, the mix of boats has been pretty evenly divided between power and sailboats. I was not uncommon to see a motor yacht in the 100 foot range barreling down the coast at warp speed well into December. I've noticed that the ratio of boats is not tipped in favor of sailboats by a substantial margin. It seems that fuel prices and the economic outlook are affecting even the big boys. I'm sure there is still plenty a person that can afford the hundreds of dollars an hour in fuel costs that some o the big rigs rack up. I'd like to think that some of the conservation may be voluntary but I doubt it. I hope I haven't seen the passing of an era.
     I don't aspire to be one of those power boat guys... But it would be dangerous to offer me the position. In a perfect world we'd be sitting on one of those on an easy beam reach as we watch Ocean Beach disappear slowly behind us... Trying to decide to put in at Barnegat Inlet for lunch or eating underway. This is all why the picture above seems so significant. The sight of a big flush-deck motor yacht heading south may become a rare sight in the future. This one is plodding along at what must be his most economical throttle setting. I hope that means they're consciously trying to conserve fuel and maintain that lifestyle for as long as possible. I hope it means they truly appreciate the benefits of their situation.

Friday, October 31, 2008


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   Pork Chop washes up after a meal.   

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   Eyeing Kelly bundled against the cold.   

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   Missed a spot.   

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   Pork Chop wanted companionship as much as he wanted food.   

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   The first tail grab.   

Pork Chop
The Best Cat Ever

      It was Halloween night four years ago that Pork Chop decided he could trust us. I had been seeing him up near the turn-around at the end of the street for a few years by then. I first noticed him when he was a tiny kitten sunning himself on an old section of boardwalk. He had grown into a spectacular big cat by 2004. Kelly came home from a night shift at the Crab's Claw with a takeout container of spicy wings. We bundled up against the cold and ate the wings outside over a beer and a recap of the day's events. The cold west wind was blowing the aroma of the wings up the street to where Pork Chop spent most of his time. Kelly noticed him advancing slowly into the light, sniffing the air as he went. She threw him a wing bone and he devoured it without hesitation. He seemed to be very hungry.
      Pork Chop was a caught-and-released feral cat. His left ear had a quarter of an inch clipped off it indicating that he had his shots and was neutered and posed no issue for his surroundings. Pork Chop ate eighteen chicken wing bones that night and was soon up on the deck coming closer with each pass he made. He even tolerated a solid tail grab by the end of the night. By the end of that beach trip he was showing up to eat and visit regularly. He seemed as interested in companionship as he was in food. That night was the start of a friendship that sadly ended with Pork Chop's disappearance about 16 months ago. He was the best cat ever.

Stonington Connecticut

Anna Hopewell

In memory of
Anna Hopewell

Here lies the body of our
Done to death by a banana
It wasn't the fruit that
laid her low
But the skin of the thing
that made her go.

Martha Dias
Here lies the body of
Martha Dias.
Who was always uneasy,
and not over pious;
She lived to the age of
three score and ten.
And gave that to the worms
she refused to the men.

Martha Dias

Anthony Drake

Sacred to the memory
Anthony Drake
who died for peace and
quietness sake.
His wife was constantly
scolding and scoffin;
So he sought for repose
in a twelve dollar coffin.

Elizabeth Crouch
Here Lies Elizabeth
My wife for 47 years
and this is the first
damn thing she ever
done to oblige me.

Elizabeth Crouch

Thomas Kemp

Here lies
the body of
Thomas Kemp
who lived by
And died by

John Murphy
Here I lie between
two of the best women
in the world; my wives.
But I have requested
My relatives to tip
me a little towards Tillie.

John Murphy

Tillie Murphy

Tillie And Nillie

Millie Murphy

Benjamin Hull
Here lies the father of
He would have had more
but he didn't have time

Benjamin Hull

Les Moore

Here lies
Les Moore
Twice shot by a .44
No less
No more

At rest beneath
this slab of stone
lies stingy Jimmy Wyatt
He died one morning
just at ten
and saved a dinner
by it.

Jimmy Wyatt

Harry Edsel Smith

Harry Edsel Smith
Born 1903 - Died 1942
Looked up the elevator
shaft to see if the
car was on the way down.
It was.

I can't wait to see what they do for Christmas.

Great Decorations

Simple tools

According to the owners of the house, these are epitaphs taken from actual grave stones around the country. Collected I believe in a book on that subject.