Victory At Sea
Monterey Beach

Saturday, July 24, 1999

Monterey Beach
Lifeguard Tournament
Featuring Some Of Ocean County's Finest Beaches

The 1999 Monterey Beach Lifeguards
dedicate this tournament to the
memory of Stanley A. Navoschik


The lifeguards competing in this tournament are trained in United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) techniques. Tournaments such as this one are a fun and exciting way for lifeguards to display some of the skills they have acquired in their training. The Monterey Lifeguard Tournament is specially designed for the small local beaches. Teams will consist of no more than seven lifeguards. The tournament is a six event competition consisting of swimming, running, paddling, kayaking, rowing, and rescue. These events are designed to allow fair competition among beaches regardless of staff size. Since this is a small beach tournament, some teams may not possess certain equipment or lack the required training for a particular event. In order to maintain fairness, any team may choose not to participate in a particular event. Although that team will not be able to score in that event, they will not be penalized.

Something's going on

With a crowd forming, Surfboats on the beach and multi-colored flags flying, even the Bennys can tell something's going on.

The beaches participating, and the lane they occupied

1) Chadwick Beach
2) Ocean Beach Unit II
3) Ocean Beach Unit III
4) OB Shores / Tri-Beach
5) Monterey Beach
6) Silver Beach


Points are awarded for each event as follows:

1st Place 7 Points
2nd Place 5 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 1 Point

Monterey's Surf Boat

Monterey Beach's new Surf Boat Stan, ready for action.

Waiting on the line

Waiting on the line for the next leg of the relay.


Event 1

4 Person Swim Relay

On the starting signal, a guard will swim out to the team's buoy with a rescue can and transfer the can to the next swimmer waiting behind the buoy. That guard will then swim in, cross the team's line, and transfer the can to the next individual. The procedure will repeat until the last swimmer crosses the team's finish line.

Event 2


On the starting signal,a guard will kayak out and back from the team's buoy. After crossing the team's line, the kayak will be transferred to the next guard. The procedure will repeat until the last guard and the kayak cross the team's finish line.

Monica and Kelly

Monterey's power swimmer and rower Monica Chlupsa with her cousin Kelly Walter, Ocean Beach's best surfing and fishing woman.

Monica getting ready to row

Monica getting ready to row.

Event 3


On the starting signal, the first guard will complete a 1/4 mile beach run and then swim out to the team's buoy with a rescue can. This guard will transfer the can to the next individual who will swim back from the team's buoy and then complete a 1/4 mile beach run. The event is completed when the second guard crosses the team's designated line.

Event 4


On the starting signal, two guards will row a swimmer out past the north side of the team's buoy. After the stern of the boat passes the buoy, the swimmer will jump in and swim to shore. The team will be finished when the swimmer crosses the finish line.

Helmet Check

No, she's not been arrested. Just a helmet check and a last minute strategy session.

Ready for action

The Surf Boat and Line Pull events seem to be the most popular with the crowd. The guards put maximum effort into each and every event. Winning the tournament could come from a fourth place finish instead of fifth in just one event. Every point counts.

Event 5


On the starting signal, a swimmer will swim out to the team's buoy, make a visible tag (Dunk), and then wait behind the buoy. A second swimmer will then repeat the procedure. The first paddler will paddle out to the buoy and pick up one of the swimmers and the two will then paddle in, cross the team's line and transfer the board to the second paddler who will repeat the process. The event ends when the second paddler, victim, and board cross the line.

Event 6


On the starting signal, a guard will swim out to the team's buoy. After making a visible touch, a second guard will swim a rescue line out to that guard. After picking up the guard behind the buoy, a third guard will pull both swimmers in HAND OVER HAND. The team will be finished when both swimmers cross the finish line.

Both rowers in the boat?
Seems like both rowers should be in the boat doesn't it?

The Launch

The most dangerous time is the first 20 feet from shore, and the last 20 feet to shore.


Mobil of Normandy
Rosario's Kitchen
Chadwick Bait and Tackle
Changing Seasons
Normandy Beach Market
Bayside Cafe
Normandy Pizza & Restaurant
Kaboodles ice Cream
Ocean County Marine
Donuts Plus


Schibell & Mennie, Atty
Certified Marine Services
Monterey Beach Realty
Colonial Bakery
Mark Lavellette Barber Shop
Ocean Data Forms

Final Scores

The final score: Monicarey Beach - 36 Points

Trophies and sandwiches

Trophies for the winners, sandwiches for everyone.


Alien MacDuffie, Jr. Atty
Tee Pee Subs
Jersey Juice
Color Your World
Crown Trophy
Oriscak Family
Kimball Family


Ocean Hut
Used To Be's
Sand Dune Deli
Martin's Casuals
Childrens Kingdom
Dom's Dell
Summit Bank

Next year maybe
Adirondack Style Outdoor Furniture

How about that smile?

Is that a trophy in your pants, or are you just happy to win the tournament?

How about that smile?

Congratulations 1999 Monterey Beach Life Guards

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Loveseat on the beach

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