Sunrise With Bonnie Sunrise With Bonnie

More clouds on the beach

      A select group of Ocean Beach people received one of these invitations recently. Those who are not early risers greated the idea with skepticism and questions. Are we allowed to be on the beach that early? Is there air to breath? Is it safe? Well, the answer to those questions is "Yes", and "Just get your butt up the beach and don't worry about it". Digital cameras, video equipment and the familiar kayak paddle stuck in the sand were set up by 6:30 so that as the first participants schlepped onto the beach like Druids, they had an anchor point and didn't accidentally proceed lemming-like into the ocean. You never know how people will react before they've had coffee in the early morning.
      Back at the Sadankas kitchen, there was a flurry of activity that would make Martha Stewart look like a slacker as a hostess as final preparations were being made for the post-sunrise breakfast. And not breakfast in the Cheerios and a piece of toast sense. We're talkin' breakfast. But now ... To the beach.


A little color on the horizon. Conversation, like the sunrise, was just beginning as well. Most everyone still had doubts about this whole situation.
By the time there was enough light to see the water at the bottom of the beach, people were beginning to joke about the predicament they had gotten themselves into.



I see waves, but it's still too dark to see everyone rubbing their eyes. You can hear plenty of yawning on the video though.
Everyone is coming alive slowly in the cool fresh air. Most ot them have pulses by now thanks to the carafes of coffee passing around. B.Y.O. half and half.



The sky is getting brighter. So is the mood of the non-morning people.
Just a little before 7:00 the clouds on the horizon started lighting up.



The wispy clouds in the distance look like they're on fire now. It's almost as if the sun was lurking just behind the horizon instead of 93 million miles away. Is that the distance? It was fourth grade when we learned that.
The first seagull appeared on the beach finally. What does that say about this? He's probably wondering when we will begin to feed him.



The first look at the crowd. Notice the street lights still on in the distance. There doesn't seem to be any good reason to have the beach lit up like that at night. The turnout was much better than anticipated.
As the sun gets closer to the horizon, reds and oranges are being replaced by pinks.



The coffee's really kicking in now. Everyone is borderline gregarious. Some are so engrosed in conversation that they're ignoring the colorful events on the horizon.
What beautiful twilight colors. The braver members of the group are venturing away from the safety of the coffee carafes. Time to go down and check the water.



Eveline Sadankas and Sonia Lopez being posed by Deb Acker with Claire Sadankas near the water and Ralph DeMiranda walking Toto too.
Notice the jet trails crossing the sky. I think I'd rather be flying east into the sunrise than west away from it.



Every thirty seconds the sky looks different. That's the frequency of the next few pictures.
It has to be getting close now. No one is actually checking their watch to see if actual sunrise matches the published figures.



One thing is for sure. It's going to be a great day... for a nap.
The participants. By now everyone is convinced this is a great idea.



One more second to go.
Right on time, to a round of applause from the studio audience.

Sunrise with Bonnie

Sunrise With Bonnie
Now everyone is convinced. This was worth doing.

Sunrise with Bonnie

Clear of the water and rising quickly.
Sunrise with everyone on the beach seemed like the best time for the 1999 embadgement ceremony. As ranking senior beach person, Agnes Walter had the honor of adding the 1999 Badge to the Em McNally Beach Badge Collection.

Sunrise with Bonnie

Sunrise with Bonnie

The reflection on the water is visible a minute or two after sunrise.
Now everyone is wide awake and full of coffee. Thoughts turn to B R E A K F A S T.

Sunrise with Bonnie

Sunrise with Bonnie

One last look at the sun just as the glare starts and most people are remembering the sunglasses sitting on the table back at the house.
Back at the house, Bonnie "Martha Stewart" Browne is busy uncovering the dozens of dishes she's prepared for this event and directing the whole operation like an air traffic controller.

Sunrise with Bonnie

Sunrise with Bonnie

A few last second details just before the crowd arrives. Unfortunately is was impossible to get a picture of the spread before the attack. Suffice to say there was everything from smoked salmon to fruit salad, bacon to bagels and everything in between. Normally you have to be on a cruise ship to see a breakfast bufffet like this. Plans were already being discussed for next year, and smoked turkey for dinner that night.
Men eat. Car broke. Men fix car. How many does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Sunrise with Bonnie

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Loveseat on the beach

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