Porch Over The River Kwai  

Ocean Beach, Lavallette, New Jersey

      ,When you're going to do something... You might as well do it right. When you're doing it right... You may as well do it all at once. Watch the progress as the Porch Over The River Kwai rises slowly from the driveway. The original project was to replace some masonry stairs and has turned into a party platform you'll be able to dock an ocean liner at. The labor rate is $20 per hour. If you watch... $30. If you help... $40.

      What was supposed to be an hours work or two turns into a whole day as we tunnel through high-tensile concrete and the remains of an ancient civilization... Or at least their septic tanks. The work required a concrete saw and jack-hammer when a couple of wacks with a fifteen pound sledge should have done the job.

      By the end of the day Sunday the footings were setting up nicely and the whole mess was ready for inspection Monday. Hopes were high knowing that Dover Township can be brutal when it comes to building related situations.

      Whats that on the door? No... It's not a cease and desist order. It's approval from the Dover Township Building inspector. He came in low in stealth mode, slapped the sticker on the door and took off. Quick and painless... Just like doing the footings.

      It says: A... P... P... R... O... V... A... L...

It's a beautiful thing.

      Now the crack team of volunteers can begin construction with the proper tools and procedures.

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