One heck of a seagull!

B1 Bomber

There was a new regular at the beach this summer. We began to notice him very early in the season. He's easy to spot. The only gull with his gear down all the time.

He seems to have broken both legs some how. He's unable to retract the landing gear after taking off. We were sure that he would starve at first but... after seeing him learn to cope with his inconvenience all summer, it looks like he's determined to prove us wrong.

Barely a shadow

Full Throttle

He lands on his belly after hovering for a second or two, and takes off the same way. His flapping seems short and choppy compared to the other gulls, and he seems to have trouble turning in high winds, but otherwise seems to have mastered his situation.

Gear down

He's become quite a local celebrity, and everyone gets concerned when we don't see him for a day. He tends to sit by himself but still "hangs" with the group once in a while. He never gets involved in the big squabbles for food with the other gulls. He has his own territory on the beach, and a few devoted fans who try and feed him whenever possible.

Best Picture
He must have owed somebody some money.

One-legged Sandpiper #29

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