Last Picture?

These are troubling times for Limpy fans. The big guy seems to be missing in action for a few weeks now. We're all hoping he's moved on to winter quarters, or just moved his territory a bit. These may be the last Limpy pictures in existance but... There was a special screening of the unedited Limpy video Sunday, October 24, 1999 at the Conference Center in Ocean Beach. There was much applause and cheering inspite of the marginal video quality. The official Linpy video will be available soon, online or VHS or CD or DVD. The format is still up in the air, hopefully like Limpy. New readers can see what all the fuss is in Piper Number 29 - I've Been Framed.

His B1 Bomber pose
Looks like a B1 Bomber doing a low level fly by.

Coming in for a landing
Clear for final approach. Look at that form.
He always sticks the landing. He has to.

He must have owed somebody some money.

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