Ocean Beach  
Beach Walk South
(the Jetty)
Thursday, March 18, 1999

Looking South from Ocean beach towards the Jetty in Lavallette.

Just a few years ago, the rocks were nearly covered with sand.

A long time ago, there was four feet of water where this picture was taken.

These rocks were put in years ago to control erosion of the beaches.

Thirty or fourty years have proven that the ocean will do what it wants no matter what.

The rocks used to be covered with Mussels.

Now just barnacles and some seaweed.

Imagine a storm that could wash this away completely.
Luckily there hasn't been one of those in quite a while.

It's nice to walk out where the waves are breaking.

You never know what you may find living in the rocks.

This is a great spot for pictures during a storm. Maybe some storm pictures soon.

That's all for now.

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