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Beach Walk North
Tuesday, March 16, 1999

Looking East at Ocean Beach Unit 1, NJ.

Looking North towards Monterey Beach.

Monterey Beach. The Pterodactyl House.

This house has lights that light up the surf at night.

The new house on the Free Beach.

Ocean Beach Unit 3 with plastic (yuch) storm fence.

A natural sponge washed up at Unit 3.
You don't see too many of these here.

The seagulls are having a post-storm feeding frenzy on all the clams washed up.

It's a mix of large surf clams and babies.
You start out throwing them back to save them from a horrible death from drying out or being eaten by sea gulls, and end up planning a huge pot of chowder.

See the white house with a face on the front, just past Chadwick beach?

A one legged sea gull trying to take off.

The Hawaii Five-O House.

Looking North towards the Thunderbird and Camp Osborne.

Looking South at the Hawaii Five-O House on the way back to OB1.

The Chadwick Beach badge booth and flag pole. A shower and fountain for long hot summer walks, or runs.

Another look at the house with a face north of Chadwick.

A green Sea Urchin washed up during the storm.

A very flexible spine, probably from a baby shark.

A few pieces of Sea Glass.

Empty snail shells, the Occupied ones get thrown back in.

Back at Ocean Beach.

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